Today, I begin this modern way of self-publication, my blog. Interestingly, way back in the early 1970s, I had a computer program, on punch cards, called BLOG. This was named after a mathematical model for the logarithm of the Boltzmann distribution function for electrons in a molecular gas plasma. The essence of the technique being used was to iterate for B = log(f) from an integral of the Boltzmann equation. This technique allowed for the inclusion of collisions of the second kind, in the collision integral. It worked quite well, but earlier algorithms for calculating f(e) remained in use because programming already existed for them, and computers were always gaining memory capacity and speed, so the crunch time became a trivial consideration.

It will probably take me years to figure out all the bells and whistles of this Word Press interface, and to customize the look of this blog (why bother?). So, I expect visual changes here will occur gradually.

The purpose of the blog is to maintain a site where an index of my publications on the Internet will be kept. The current bibliography (a PDF file) can be found in the “About” page of this blog.

Like the over 126M other bloggers out there tingling the Internet, I expect I too will use my private channel, this blog, to send my casual thoughts and ideas off into the outer electronic public mind every now and then.

Have fun

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  1. Mr. Garcia,
    Your new blog site is quite nice. I will be coming back often to read more of your work.

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