Attacking Iran Will Save The World

Will the world run out of oil, ending eco-tourism because of a lack of jet fuel, before the Maldives are inundated by a rising ocean of globally warmed and expanded seawater, or will 200-seat passenger jet liners be able to streak across the skies using 20 metric tons of fuel every 3400 km with a total expulsion of 63 tonnes of carbon dioxide, to deliver First World sun worshippers to resort hotels still on dry land by idyllic Indian Ocean beaches, until the oil wells run dry? We may never address this important question if we allow the development of nuclear technology by Iran to proceed. It is imperative that nations unite to dispel the real threat to global well being, and to realize that

Attacking Iran Will Save The World
26 March 2012

Data for the numerical estimate of aviation fuel efficiency quoted here were taken from

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2 thoughts on “Attacking Iran Will Save The World

  1. Personally, I would rather we, the USA, got serious about solar energy and conservation without the “need” for more war.
    If the zionist entity wants a war with Iran, let them have one, but the USA stays out of it. Any bets that war would not happen then? It sure looks to me like the zionist entity wants the USA to fight the war it wants. Tell them no this time. Oh, and then get really serious about global warming and alternate energy. Better yet, just stop all the damn fool wars of choice.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

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