Why Republicans Crashed The US Economy

No amount of wealth can overcome a lack of character,
nor erase the consciousness of that fact.

Why Republicans Crashed The US Economy
18 June 2012

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  2. Mr. Garcia,
    Sir, I think you have presented the best look at the elephant gang yet. They ARE very greedy, very rich, white males. They seem to think they rule the world and will do all they can to stay in that position. They are very racist and will do all they can to divide the country along lines that are meaningless in the long run. They use religion as a weapon and they use sexist strategy the same way. Ruthless people who have had way too much power for far too long and they will do all they can to stay at the top of the heap.
    My opinion, they are vile creatures who need a large dose of reality. The Occupy Movement was a good start, but that seems to have faded for now. I would hope that movement does come back and come back big time.
    They claim to be “christians” and yet they act in very un-christian manner. Our old Constitutional Republic is gone, only we the people can get it back, but doing so will be a long and bitter fight. I believe that fight is ultimately worth it. We need to restore the rule of law and get rid of this rule of men for the sake of future generations.
    Just my 2 cents worth.
    Thank you for your time.

  3. On 9 September 2012, from Juan Cole’s blog at:

    A response comment by Super390:

    nonheroicvet, 09/09/2012 at 12:59 pm
    I have a business degree with a minor in economics graduating in 1971 so I am likely not up to date on developments in the field. Nonetheless I am curious what business theory Mitt and other prominent Republicans rely on to assert that solvency can be enhanced by giving away ones revenues (tax cuts)?

    super390, 09/09/2012 at 6:20 pm
    The theory is well-established, but ignored by mainstream media. It’s called “neoclassical economics”, or “bankrupt the state until it cuts all money to the poor.”

    Its history as an imperial conspiracy by American government and industry against progressive democracies in the 3rd World is documented in Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine”. Her contention is that it co-developed along with controversial theories of altering human behavior that the CIA investigated for use against captives. Then Milton Friedman’s gang developed it as an argument for purging the “contagion” of egalitarian social beliefs in an entire country. So it was implemented by military coups at first. Then it was imposed by the World Bank and IMF via blackmailing elected governments in the 3rd World – exactly what is being done in Greece now.

    The final parts of her book involve the final solution, to impose these policies in the 1st World. A Reagan administration official admitted in his memoirs that the Reagan tax cuts were intended to cause a future fiscal crisis for which destroying social programs would be the only available solution. Exactly what Scott Walker did in Wisconsin.

    So the point of the tax cut is to destroy the government and restore it to its 19th century role, not to make it solvent. The evil assumption lurking behind this is that when the “right” Americans regain a monopoly of power, the economy will grow again as it did back when strikers could be butchered in the streets and slaves whipped in the fields and Indians dispossessed of their lands. The far greater economic growth of the big government era after 1932 is slandered and erased because too much of it went to the “bad” Americans.

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