How To Lose Weight

Excess body fat can lead to many problems, both physical and psychological. Among the many individuals who are overweight or obese, some will arrive at a firm commitment to change their lives by reducing their body masses. The obvious questions then are: how do I reduce weight as rapidly as possible in a healthy way?, and how do I ensure that any change to a lower body mass remains permanent? The following article is my answer to these questions (the title, below, is a link to the PDF document “How To Lose Weight”).

How To Lose Weight (F3)
2 March 2013


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  1. Epilog to “How To Lose Weight”

    I achieve target weight on day 161 of my PRFMM, a 50 pound (22.68 kg) weight loss in 23 weeks exactly, 5 month and 9 days.

    The equivalent average daily loss for the entire period is 0.3106 pounds/day (0.141 kg/d), 1087 kcal/day of stored energy was burned (which is above BMR).

    BMI dropped from 31.71 to 24.53 (from 126.83% to 98.13% of ideal weight).

    Recall, “normal” BMI is 18.5 to 25, with the upper limit of 25 being the ideal that health professionals urge all overweight people to reduce to.

    Estimated body fat percentage change from 28.5% to 7.6%.

    Now, it’s lifetime maintenance for me.

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