If Bernie is Impossible You’re Old

If you remember the 1960s, or studied them in one of your ancient history classes in college day-care, you will recall: “don’t trust anyone over 30.” This piece is somewhat along the same lines, from someone on Medicare.

Typical readers of left wing websites (like the lively Counter Punch) may feel that Bernie Sanders “is pulling his punches” with regard to countering Hillary Clinton’s campaign hysterics (and their echoes in the NYT and similar organs of the apparatchikarchy). But, Bernie (and his campaign tacticians) may in fact be calibrating his fire just right. There are overwhelmingly more Americans who are not so politically turbocharged as the Internet Leftists, and the present level of intensity of Bernie’s rhetoric seems to be very effective at waking them up and drawing them in. A more strident presentation by Bernie now might strike the blacks, women and middle-of-the-roaders in the Carolinas (and beyond) as insulting and off-putting (as for instance Trump’s attacks are for many despite their sympathy with his politics).

Bernie is an experienced politician (get over it) and like a cobra knows it is important to keep his limited amount of venom in reserve, and to not spit it all out against lesser provocations early in the hunt, but to save it for a fatal strike nearer the end of the chase, and at the crescendo of the drama. Many of the Republicans and Hillary now look increasingly impotent because they spit out big wads of their venom early, which were quickly seen by the public to be ineffective (lies, hissy fits, clumsy fumbles), and these failures shifted the public image of such candidates from being powerful leaders to being bumblers and pathetic losers.

Bernie is doing so well in corralling the public consciousness because he is pursuing his own agenda as regards delivering his message, rather than allowing himself to be distracted and diverted into taking red herring poisoned bait tossed in his path by the despairing Clintonites. In brief, in this election cycle Bernie’s campaign is the most successful of any candidate so far (he must be doing something right), AND there is still a long way to go.

Bernie Sanders is younger than most politicians, pundits (whether unpaid freelance amateurs or professional touts), lobbyists, and professionals of every sort: the people who are all set, the people whose youth is behind them. Sanders is like Michael Moore in this regard (see “Where To Invade Next”). Like the childish youth who didn’t need a weatherman to tell them which way the wind blew in 1989, and chiseled away at the Berlin Wall, Sanders is like all kids when told by mommy and daddy “no, you can’t do that” and asks: “Why not?” Is there some law of physics preventing it? It is obvious why he carries the youth vote: anyone with any future yet to be achieved wants to support a politics that favors their aspirations in the here and now.

The insurmountable barriers seen by the people who are all set — people who criticize or oppose Bernie — are entirely mental ones, an inertia anchored in place by habits and “investments,” both of money and ego. I have children aged between 16 and 34, and I view the political scene through the potentialities for their futures, as do they. It’s not about old me or the satisfaction of my sophisticated political tastes.

If the sclerotic politburo of the Democratic Party ultimately thwarts progress and puts Hillary up as the candidate, I’ll vote for Jill Stein. There are still 9 months to go before I have to consider that; much can happen between now and then.

If Bernie is ultimately sidelined, his movement won’t actually go away because the “movers,” the “youth” who still want futures (my children included), will still be there. They (we) will just shift to other vehicles to carry on the fight.

Bernie has already done a lot, many millions of people have been awakened: fire is ours.

Fire Is Ours


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  1. “Only idiots believe they serve their fellow man by working out political principles to foretell events that will always be unpredictable.”

    Honoré de Balzac (1799-1850), in his story “Gobseck,” in “The Human Comedy.”

  2. Hillary is the “best qualified” Republican and Trump is the most honest Republican (he may be a bigot but he’s no hypocrite), and Republicans are all crooks and shills. Bernie is the only honest candidate in the race, all the others are running for themselves (career, $$) while Bernie is running on principle, which means for us. The best possible outcome of the revolution (Bernie: the spirit of the ’60s to Occupy WS) would be the complete destruction of the Republican Party, and the complete ousting of the Wall Street owned Clintonite-Obama toady to the 1% Democratic Party management. Because fairness, honesty and integrity mean a great deal to many kinds of people, Bernie will get the vote of many “swing” voters, “conservatives” and rank-and-file “Republicans.” Good character is the ultimate asset in winning public support.

  3. Makana wrote the following (which I copied from notes for YouTube video above):

    Uploading this for Makana. #FireIsOurs

    He writes: The powers that be decided to take down the ‘Fire Is Ours’ video from YouTube just as it was going viral. Twenty-four hours of intense, good faith efforts to reverse this have met with a brick wall.

    Many people from around the country have written and called, feeling the urgency of getting this back up online, asking how they can help. They know this is the most crucial period in Bernie’s campaign.

    Here’s what you can do:

    1. Download the music video to your computer using this link: makanamusic.com/download/fire_is_ours.zi­­p

    2. Upload it to YOUR OWN YouTube channel and/or Facebook page.

    3. Share this post.

    Now it’s in your hands. I’ve done all that I can. I’ve written the song, created the video, nearly set myself on fire, gone on national news, out-foxed FOX, spent the past 6 weeks putting my life aside to help get Bernie’s message out there to the world.

    This is not only about Bernie Sanders. It’s about freedom of speech and the Fair Use doctrine, the foundation of artistic expression in the digital age. Ironically, this week happens to be #‎FairUseWeek in America.

    I’ve never asked my friends and fans for this kind of help before, but I’m asking now.

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