END OF THE LINE (Bernie 2016)

I will always love Bernie Sanders for waking up so much of America to the reality of our corrupt political system, which serves an enslaving corporate-controlled economic system. I just watched Bernie’s speech at the Democratic Convention (25 July), in which he pledged to help elect Hillary Clinton to the presidency, because he believes that is the best hope for moving the Democratic Party platform (the most progressive in the party’s history because of Sanders’ influence) from words of promise into legislated reality.

I feel very sad, seeing the wonderful Bernie hanging his hopes for a better America on the commitments of Hillary Clinton and the corporate-owned Democratic Party (i.e., graft network). “Hillary Clinton understands,” and will no doubt live up to all her promises, we can trust her to take care of us. Uh huh.

So today, the 25th of July 2016, is undoubtedly the first day of the Trump presidency, the beginning of its preamble which will reach a crescendo on November 8, and then be legitimized on the 20th of January 2017. The best hopes for the next four years in America, and perhaps for a generation, were strangled in their Democratic Party crib today. I will always hate all Hillary Clinton voters, and I will always pity all Donald Trump voters.

Trump voters are too stupid to do any better, and many of them are justifiably angry over how they have been exploited economically. It is perfectly understandable that they would rebel against their political impotence by throwing the monkey wrench of a vote for Trump into the gears of the system. So, I pity them. Hillary voters, on the other hand, are smart enough to realize just how stupid their identity politics vanity is. Is the advancement and enrichment of one very corrupt woman really worth the many sacrifices the nation and its people must endure to sustain it? Is the thrill of being able to say “I voted for the first American woman president” really more important than the futures of our children, and the welfare of so many hard-pressed people? For Hillary Clinton voters it is, and so I hate them.

In terms of the careers and continuing kickbacks and graft for Hillary and her patronage network, and the DNC and its associated elites, a Trump presidency would certainly be bad. But, would it necessarily be equally bad for us regular Americans? It would undoubtedly be a clown show punctuated with failures, disasters and catastrophes, but in an overall sense would it be worse for most Americans as compared to the continuation of the present corporate-owned (Wall Street, including Saudi Arabia and Israel) corruption under a new Hillary Clinton brand name? I don’t know, but my best hope for the future is that it won’t.

I expect that Trump would mess things up enough that by the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats would gain House and Senate seats. By 2020, Trump might have stampeded the American voters into bringing back a Democratic Party president (ideally not Hillary). Trump would really do America a service if he could motivate (negatively, of course) Americans to vote for progressive and Green Party candidates in droves in 2018 and 2020. I’d like to see the first American woman president be Nina Turner or Jill Stein in 2020.

After today, I will be making an effort to work on my personal projects, and not spend time writing political commentary or with social media. I’ve said this in the past, but seem to drift back (it’s like dieting). I hope I can make it stick this time. I don’t want to waste any more time.

End Of The Line

5 thoughts on “END OF THE LINE (Bernie 2016)

  1. Yes to all the above, and my appreciation to you for saying it. It is a conundrum and a puzzle, wondering if a Trump mis-presidency would be worse than rule by the Queen of Chaos, but I can see nothing from Trump which would indicate that he is intelligently serious about actually becoming President. If he actually were to be elected, it would be 4 years of awkward nightmares for him – the man is more inept than Bush the Lesser (yes, apparently that is possible) and he would be skewered from every direction endlessly (mostly legitimately).

    My main point is that the likelihood of the Trump/*what’shisname?* ticket prevailing is vanishingly small. We will have the Clintons in the White House again and the 99% will pay bitterly for the pleasure. To be truthful, it is the people outside our borders that I am more concerned with. Many at home will suffer (again) from Clintonism; but untold thousands, perhaps millions, will be brutalized and killed under the new neo-com regime.

    May fate have mercy on us all … but I will not be holding my breath, hoping for salvation.

    Thank you again for your sincere efforts, Manuel. Even if you choose to set political commentary aside, please do not stop sharing your thoughts. I, for one, value them highly.

    • P.S. Thanks for the Wilburys. I had to smile when I discovered what your link led to. But please, not an end … perhaps a beginning of another sort. 🙂

    • Oliver Wordsmith: Thank you for a very kind response. Writing will remain a major part of my “personal projects,” but I hope to concentrate more on “poetry.” Also, I want to spend more time with photography and music (and stay away from the wasteland of Facebook!). The most popular items on this blog (as well as some of the most satisfying to write) are my poems and my song descriptions and lyrics translations (Spanish to English). Those are the types of items I expect to be posting on this blog. But, production of such items (art) is infrequent, as compared with instant off-the-cuff blab about current events (which blabbing I hope to be done with). If I do lapse into blowing off steam about politics (on this blog), I will try to keep it cogent, and make such lapses rare. We’ll see.

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