Voting For Against

Voting For Against

There’s a sucker born every minute, and they all vote for the lesser evil.

Bernie Madoff is in jail for life for running a Ponzi scheme that defrauded the rich. His colleagues running similar scams are free, rich and celebrated because they defraud the working and workless poor. From their legally protected offshore treasure chests they fund the lesser evilism of a rigged electoral system that keeps governments under control by corruption that shakes down the public to slop the troughs of the high rollers.

Election night is always a heartbreak for the old-timers who’ve seen the lesser evil scam cycle over and over again, and wish they could see it killed off before they die.

Election night is a big yawn to the nonchalant youth busy playing in their chill sandboxes without a thought to their unbroken futures as sucker carrion and cannon fodder.

Election night is an exciting drama to the vain shallow-minded selfish useful idiots who think what’s good for them is good for the country, and that either of those is offered by lesser evilism.

Today’s politicking is a furious clash between hot air and vapid prattle, devoid of truth while demurely united in criminality, to entrance the hollow-headed with a circus that spoofs attentiveness, so as to allow the hidden hand to continue stealing the public bread.

To be alert, compassionate and ethical is to resign yourself to being marooned in a moral wasteland on a lost planet.

2 thoughts on “Voting For Against

  1. Hello, Manuel. I have just finished pointing out to an online Hillarybot that “bernie” betrayed his followers and now enthusiastically campaigns for the what I see as the Greater Evil. I pointed out that The Donald only <> kill people, while the Greater Evil already has, and has promised to build on Obama’s “legacy” and kill many more.

    The response was that “bernie” had “pushed” Hillary “left on … student loan debt” during the aftermath of the Demo convention. That, apparently, absolves “bernie” and is far more important than hundreds of thousands of dead, maimed, and displaced human beings.

    If the disaster is in foreign lands, then it is no concern of ours, even if it is created by our own hands. Such is the weltanshauung of the modern American “liberal” mind. Genocide by indifference.

    What can be said to a person who holds such a view? What can be said of an electorate which shares such a view? The usual pejorative words no longer seem adequate, do they?

    • Correction: that should have read …
      “The Donald only MIGHT kill people, while the Greater Evil already has, and has promised to build on Obama’s “legacy” and kill many more.”

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