Trump Absolutely Won, Hillary Absolutely Lost

11 November 2016 (98th Armistice Day)

“I’d rather vote for what I want, and not get it, than vote for what I don’t want and get it.”
(Eugene V. Debs)

I wanted Bernie Sanders, and if not then Jill Stein, and if not then… abstain.

I would never vote FOR Hillary Clinton, nor FOR Donald Trump.

Electorally, How Did Trump Win?

– RURAL and RUST BELT counties are the overwhelming majority of counties in the USA.

– A majority of people in RURAL and RUST BELT counties favored Trump.

– This is how Trump won states to get the significant majority of Electoral votes.

Electorally, How Did Hillary Lose?

– Hillary only won the URBAN CENTERS in the major US wealth areas:
– LEFT COAST: LA Basin, SF Coastal Strip, Portland, Seattle
– SOUTHWEST: Colorado & New Mexico cites, and Latino vote
– MIDWEST: Minneapolis/St. Paul (MN), Chicago (IL)
– NEW ENGLAND: VT (Bernie’s state), NH, coastal Maine

– Hillary lost the great majority of inland, outlying and rural counties in “her” states.

Florida Vote (a swing state):

Trump = 4,605,515
Clinton = 4,485, 745
Stein = 64,019

Clinton + Stein = 4,549,764

Trump got +55,751 MORE Florida votes than Clinton + Stein

Don’t blame Jill Stein. Trump absolutely won, and Hillary absolutely lost.


2008 Red-Blue Map by County:

2012 Red-Blue Map by County:

Hillary did WORSE in 2016 than the results shown in the 2012 map.

See: “2016 US election results”
(for the numbers in every state, and individual state-county maps)


Voter Turnout 2016

Part of Hillary Clinton’s defeat (and Donald Trump’s victory) in 2016 can be attributed to the LOWEST percentage voter turnout in US history (since 1828, when data records began). TEN MILLION fewer eligible voters went to the polls in 2016 than in 2012. Fewer than half of eligible voters actually voted in 2016.

Percentage turnout has been above 50% since 1828, except during 1920, 1924, 1996 and 2016. The % turnout for 2016 was 48.6% (the lowest in US history).

Between 2012 and 2016 the US voting age population (VAP) increased by 10 million.
(VAP in 2016 is 245.3 million)

The voter turnout in 2016 was 10 million LESS than in 2012.
(Turnout in 2016 was 119.3 million)

The percentage voter turnout in 2012 was 54.9%
The percentage voter turnout in 2016 was 48.6% (record low)

The election years with LESS than 50% turnout:
1920, 49.2%
1924, 48.9%
1996, 49.0% (W. Clinton wins)
2016, 48.6% (H. Clinton loses)

In 2016:
H. Clinton gains 47.7% of turnout (56.90M votes)
D. Trump gains 47.5% of turnout (56.67M votes)
HC + DT gain 95.2% of turnout (113.57M votes)

Net Others gain 4.8% of turnout (5.73M votes)

HC gains 230,053 more votes than DT (+0.19% of turnout)
(loses on basis of Electoral College votes)

– the eligible voters favoring Trump were on average highly motivated, so a high percentage of them went to the polls,
– the eligible voters favoring HRC were on average modestly motivated, so a middling percentage of them went to the polls
– in the non-voting portion of the VAP (say at least the 10M missing since 2012) there was a higher portion of HRC-leaning people to DT-leaning people,
– AND IF turnout had been higher
– relatively more HRC votes than T votes would have been added (to the observed totals)
– that might possibly have tilted the election in HRC’s favor.

Bernie Sanders has often said that “with high turnouts Democrats win, with low turnouts Republicans win.” (Which is why Republicans favor voter suppression.)

In brief, HRC needed tidal waves of “missing voters” who favored her, in Red States.

Of course, it is entirely possible that the non-voting remainder of the 2016 VAP (126M possible voters) did not split any differently than the voting portion (the 119.3M turnout) on the favoring of HRC or DT. So speculating on how an HRC win might have been gained by engaging large numbers of presumably “missing” HRC voters may be grasping at nonexistent straws.


Commentary On Election 2016 (follows)

Please note, I express myself freely in what follows. I am NOT concerned to spare anyone’s feelings. Nothing personal, but…


Essential reading if you want to know “why it happened” and “what do we (really) have to do to fix the problem.” In brief: stop crying, emoting, “fleeing” your privileged white ass to Canada hoping they make good lattés up there, and messing up the streets (protesting a democratic election!!). Instead, fire the ENTIRE Democratic Party, and start that over with an entirely new crew (e.g., Bernie, Nina Turner, Keith Ellison, Tulsi Gabbard, that kind of people). You are only victims of believing what you want to believe, instead of opening your eyes and ears to reality, and then dealing with it as it actually exists. Your ignorance is their power. Maintaining ignorance (blaming others) is the essence of the delusion of “privilege.” I do not feel your pain. Wake up!

Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit
(Glenn Greenwald)
9 November 2016


Yvette Carnell (on Facebook, just after midnight, on the morning of 9 November 2016):

“Understand what this Trump victory means. He defeated capital, the media, the military industrial complex and both the Republican and Democratic Party. Republicans said he was unelectable and ran away from him after the groping allegations. Now Trump is president. This is historic.”


My Old Predictions on Election 2016
9 November 2016
(above shown in full below)

During last June (the CA primary, 7 June 2016) I wrote that “a vote for Hillary Clinton before July is a vote for Donald Trump in November.” By all kinds of cheating, bribery, rigging, collusion with corporate media and procedural underhandedness, the Clinton mafia, the DNC and professional Democrats managed to shut out the popular will (and its spokesman, Bernie Sanders) from the electoral process. Okay, so the corporations won. But it seems increasing clear now that Hillary Clinton’s political legacy for America will be the Trump Administration. <> (29 September 2016)

Donald Trump is the popular response of the white working class to its nearly 40 year degradation by neoliberal economics. Donald Trump is not Hitler, neoliberalism is Dracula. The neoliberal plague was unleashed in 1979 by Margaret Thatcher (in the UK) and Ronald Reagan in 1981, and has continued to be propagated in the US by a succession of corporate-owned factotums: George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and — if the Democratic Party can rig everything to come out just right — Hillary Clinton. <> (8 September 2016)

It is abundantly clear that should Hillary Clinton lose the November election (as seems more likely with each passing day) it will be a richly deserved loss. <> (8 September 2016)

The American electorate may arrive at a consensus of voting for a train-wreck they can be assured of seeing unfold in every detail, instead of voting for a stealthy railroading of them all, under the guise of social progress. <> (8 September 2016)

If Donald Trump does actually win the November election it will be because of all the Democratic Party regulars and Clinton faithful, who “voted for him” by late July, by voting for Hillary instead of Bernie: that is to say by rigging the voting processes, and collusion with corporate media to sabotage the Sanders campaign, in addition to simply casting their votes for Hillary during the primary elections and at the Democratic Party convention. <> (24 August 2016)

Had the Democratic Party really been concerned about beating Donald Trump in the November election they would have nominated Bernie Sanders, who is heavily favored over Donald in just about every electoral district, and in every single poll taken on that question (still). But, the Democratic Party regulars and the Clinton faithful are far more concerned about preserving their own situations of personal gain, and they did not want to “lose control” of the Democratic Party to the “popular will” (Jean-Jacques Rousseau), for the good of the country. <> (24 August 2016)

So today, the 25th of July 2016, is undoubtedly the first day of the Trump presidency, the beginning of its preamble which will reach a crescendo on November 8, and then be legitimized on the 20th of January 2017. The best hopes for the next four years in America, and perhaps for a generation, were strangled in their Democratic Party crib today. I will always hate all Hillary Clinton voters, and I will always pity all Donald Trump voters. <> (25 July 2016)

Trump voters are too stupid to do any better, and many of them are justifiably angry over how they have been exploited economically. It is perfectly understandable that they would rebel against their political impotence by throwing the monkey wrench of a vote for Trump into the gears of the system. So, I pity them. Hillary voters, on the other hand, are smart enough to realize just how stupid their identity politics vanity is. Is the advancement and enrichment of one very corrupt woman really worth the many sacrifices the nation and its people must endure to sustain it? Is the thrill of being able to say “I voted for the first American woman president” really more important than the futures of our children, and the welfare of so many hard-pressed people? For Hillary Clinton voters it is, and so I hate them. <> (25 July 2016)

The Democratic Party has done a superb job of ensuring that many millions of young Americans will never look on it with respect and trust ever again. It has also done an outstanding job at demonstrating — for all Americans and all the World — one of the clearest and most vivid counterexamples to the concept of integrity that has ever been devised. Seed corn has been wasted by the gluttony of the privileged, and of the stupid. Fortunately for these Democratic party “loyalists,” delusion and self-absorption will save them from ever noticing the consequences. Until karma surprises. <> (14 June 2016)

The 2016 election is between the people and the corporations. Independents will determine who wins in November (they outnumber registered Democrats and registered Republicans). Bernie is the overwhelming favorite nationally (and in swing states), and would easily defeat Trump. If the DP fields Hillary Clinton against Trump, Trump will win. <> (5 June 2016)

Among the people: Bernie’s supporters are the most alert, Trump’s supporters are the most bitter, and Hillary’s supporters are the most deluded. <> (5 June 2016)

If the Democratic Party apparatchiks (the paid minions of the 1% oligarchs) can beat back the hostile-takeover Sanders insurgency of popular and populist democracy, and put Hillary Clinton forward as the party’s champion in the general electoral joust, then President Trump will be inaugurated in January 2017. The Democratic Party apparatchiks are first and foremost fighting to preserve their patronage positions (to hell with the country). A President Trump is no threat to their ambitions, but a nominee Sanders — whether subsequently president or not — would mean that a revolution had occurred in the Democratic Party, and the Obama-Clinton apparatchik gravy-train derailed. <> (27 February 2016)


President Trump
8 November 2016 (revised 11 November 2016)

President Trump is popular America’s (as opposed to institutional America’s) equivalent of a Brexit from neoliberalism and globalization.

Part of the political rejection elevating Donald Trump to the presidency (beyond excruciating economic pain) is a popular emotional rejection of social attitudes and would-be social norms (as advocated by “advanced” worldly people) that are taken as threats to local distinctiveness, local traditions and old “religious” and ethnic customs, where those old customs are largely forms of bigotry passed down through families as basic elements of social and personal identity.

As is true with ISIS, the Taliban, Syria’s Assad, Turkey’s Erdogan, Iran’s ayatollahs, Egypt’s generals, the Chinese ‘geriatrocrats,’ and every “conservative” authoritarian regime around the world, all socially “liberal” ideas like women’s rights (reproductive, marital, sexual) and equality with men (political and economic), secular parliamentary government, the illegality of institutional racism, the illegality of the persecution of homosexuality and gender relativity, are all seen as part of “world governing” capitalist globalization taking over and diluting (to zero) local power structures (which are basically certain types of regional-national male classes defining the nature of their societies, and compelling all others to fit into their assigned places in these inequitable hierarchies).

This rejectionist and xenophobic nationalism is keenly and emotionally felt as “patriotism,” the defending and maintaining of “our (local) way of life” against the invasions by heartless, impersonal, unpatriotic trans-national and exploitative world economic forces, with no loyalty locally or nationally (e.g., job offshoring, foreign tax-haven sheltering “world capital”), and whose human faces are self-aggrandizing elitists who have personally removed from themselves any localisms and “backwardness” that would connect them to the communities they would rule over from afar, in order to be most efficient in advancing their own personal ambitions. Hillary Clinton is a perfect example of such an elitist, happy to homogenize (and “feminize”) the USA in order to make its exploitation by “world capital” more efficient.

Hillary Clinton is certainly more capable than Donald Trump would ever be at managing the economic system that currently owns the USA. But the popular preference for a President Trump is an angry rejection of that Wall Street neoliberal globalized system. They don’t want Trump to run it better than Hillary, they want Trump to destroy it and give them something new, which makes them feel good within their local distinctiveness, as they imagine they would have “in the good old days.”

Personally, I wish the Democrats had run Bernie instead of Hillary. Oh well, you reap what you sow.

I voted for Jill Stein of the Green Party.

Trump has triumphed, and all the institutions, who were uniformly against him (including a significant portion of the Republican Party Establishment), have been shamed. The American people have unleashed their political berserker.


However you feel about it, Trump’s victory is:
– the result of an honest democratic election,
– a victory for populism, and
– a defeat (electoral) of the neoliberal establishment.

I have no doubt we could have had the same electoral result with Bernie Sanders, as President-Elect.


PDF of this article:

12 thoughts on “Trump Absolutely Won, Hillary Absolutely Lost

  1. I have spent the last year or so in Australia (normally a Texan) and have been observing U.S. election coverage in Oz with amazement. Just as in the U.S., the mainstream media here have been extremely solid Clinton supporters, with obviously slanted reporting, no exceptions. Even the once respected ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corp.), government supported and supposedly neutral according to its charter … even the ABC has shown clear bias against Trump.

    And the public Australian interest in the U.S. election came close to being as intense as it was back home in the States. There have been more personal conversations about it here than (possibly) about their own elections.

    Aussies play their cards close to their chests, so I have received LOTS of questions, but few direct statements about preferences in the past 2-3 months.

    However, now that the dice have been cast and the result is known …
    I was at a local pub in S. Australia last night, playing tournament poker. With one single exception, everyone there was deeply satisfied with the Trump results. They have been secretly terrified here about what a Hillary victory might mean in South Asia, economically and militarily.

    I know that the Silent Majority sensibility is significant here, and I am guessing that it is significant in many places around the world. The people here, at ground level, are aware of what their own oligarchs have been doing, of increasing wealth disparities, of Australia being sold off piecemeal, of the threat of U.S. confrontation with China … and here, in the region where war would be waged, loyalty and respect for American leaders is in very short supply.

    Who can blame them?

  2. I am about as far away from a “typical” Trump supporter as can be: physically, ethnically, mentally, culturally, professionally, regionally, educationally, you name it. But, I am here, a born American, just like so many of Trump’s ardent supporters. And, for good or ill, this is my country just as much as it is theirs. That means that in order to have any degree of solidarity with my fellow Americans it is necessary and important that I get at least some realistic idea of who the “other Americans” are, especially if they are suffering, and even if I am not naturally inclined to “like them.” If I and “my tribe” aren’t willing to do this, how can we expect them to give “us” the same consideration? Nothing of lasting social value will ever happen unless most of us Americans can find enough commonality and good-will to agree on it. We have to stop acting like rival native tribes in constant divisive strife to the benefit of an overlord class that has colonized our nation. So, to that end, I am presenting three items that may help my Libtard Tribe and today’s self-absorbed Wailing Hillary Hollerers to glimpse life from a rank-and-file Trump supporter’s perspective. These items are not mine, they are by: a progressive female journalist-writer (an especially important article for Hillary people to read), a Trump supporter whose message went viral, and a carefully excerpted section from a Michael Moore spoken-word video that resonated very deeply with millions of people. I am used to being an outsider from childhood, both because of the exclusionary attitude of “the tribes” and my own preference to be my own quirky (now curmudgeony) self. Yet, I don’t want excess aloofness to take me to the the point of having a stone heart. So it is important to remember that the divide-and-conquer labels “Trump supporter” and “Hillary supporter” all really mean “people.” If we all started remembering that we are all people (and even all fellow Americans), and empathizing rather than demonizing, it would be a worthwhile new beginning. If the election of Donald Trump is really the “greatest upset in modern American politics” – for those who backed other candidates – then you have to realize that it was caused by “the greatest betrayal of public trust in modern American politics,” the intentional sabotaging of the Bernie Sanders campaign by the Democratic Party and its corporate media cabal. By removing Bernie Sanders from the electoral competition, the neoliberal establishment gave “Trump supporters” no other choice through which to seek solution of their dire economic problems by voting. That denial was voter suppression on steroids, a crime against democracy itself. So stop crying in the streets like spoiled colicky babies who didn’t get what they wanted, because you don’t like the outcome of a clean democratic election. Use some grown-up brains to start figuring out WHY reality is not what you expected, and remember that real learning requires humility.

    Hillary Voters Owe It To America To Stop Calling Everyone A Nazi And Start Reading Wikileaks
    11 November 2016
    Caitlin Johnstone

    They. Just. Don’t. Fucking. Get it.
    9 November 2016
    (by Velostodon)

    “How did this happen?!” they cry.

    You want to know how this happened? You want to know how America resorted to bigotry and racism? You want to know how we let a TV star with no experience get to the White House? You want to know why we couldn’t stop being stupid enough to listen to what you had to say?

    I can explain.

    Ten years ago I never had to tell somebody my wife was black and children were of mixed race to get them to stop assuming I was racist.

    Ten years ago I didn’t have to tell somebody I’m bisexual to get them to stop assuming I was being homophobic.

    Ten years ago I didn’t have to tell people I’ve read the Qu’ran to get them to stop assuming I was ignorant of Islam.

    Fifteen years ago I had pride in my nation.

    Twenty years ago I didn’t have to worry about the government spying on my because I sat next to someone suspicious on a plane.

    Twenty years ago I didn’t have to worry about getting kidnapped for being an American in most other countries.

    Twenty years ago 50 corporations made up 90% of the media market; today its 6.

    Thirty years ago people weren’t being attacked by animals in the streets over who they voted for.

    This is the country that brought the world electricity, the light bulb, that tamed the last frontiers in the world, that carved the faces of great men into mountains, that brought us powered flight, that broke the sound barrier, brought Europe peace after the most destructive war ever seen, tried to play nice but brought forth a fury never fucking seen before when we were attacked, sent men to the fucking Moon. But something happened.

    We began intervening in other nations’ conflicts. We started trying to develop this network of power across the world. We started fighting wars for money. And when we were attacked harder than ever before, we pulled our punches and used it as an excuse to fight somebody that wasn’t even responsible.

    We voted for change and change never came. We voted for the young charismatic man, and he sold us a bridge. He was given near complete power to bring change and what he brought us was a hamfisted attempt at health-care reform that he didn’t understand and we didn’t want. He promises change from the needless wars and brings us anonymous murder from above on an unprecedented scale. And because he happened to be President when gays got the right to marry, we are supposed to think of him positively?

    Let me ask you, when was the last time you heard a song written with this much national pride?

    We are tired of being led down the path of shame. We are tired of fighting other people’s wars. We are tired to the globalist network of power. We are tired of the oligarchy. We are tired of being undisputably the single most powerful nation to ever exist on this Earth and yet not being able to win the wars that corporations, industries, and oligarchs get us into because our leaders want to pretend war is an opportunity to be culturally sensitive and play nice.

    But when we try to voice these concerns and desires we are called racist because the person we disagree with is black. We are called sexist because the person we disagree with is a woman. We are called homophobic for saying there are bigger priorities for the President than deciding who uses what bathroom. We are called Islamohobic for expecting our ultra-powerful military and police might to be able to provide us security. We are called rednecks, and fools, and morons, all because we disagree.

    And we are told we should not disagree, because the “experts” say so? Like Nate Silver, who has been wrong about everything since 2012? Who was wrong about the results of the 2014 Midterms, the Brexit vote, the Primaries, the World Series, and the General election? I’m only an amateur analyst and I outperformed him.

    We should just believe CNN who has been proven to feed information to political parties? Who orders their focus groups on how to respond? Who cuts the audio from anyone that strays from the narrative they sell?

    The pollsters, who were so incredibly wrong about 2012, Brexit, and 2016?

    Why should we believe the “experts” who get paid more and more for being right when they can’t get anything right?

    Then a man we’ve known for decades shows up and decides to speak up for us – and you call him racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, arachnaphobic and whatever else. But he speaks to us and for us. And you try to shut him up. You cast him as a reality TV star with no knowledge, while peddling Hollywood stars with no knowledge, as if Donald Trump has not been a household name for four fucking decades?

    Then all the people we’ve been sick of, the Bush family, the Clinton family, the Obama Administration, the elite of the world and the market and media all of these people we have been trying to get to change team up against this man. And you think we can’t see through that?

    You lied about polls and when we saw through it you called us paranoid. You lied about crime committed and called us paranoid. You lied about the medical status of a public figure, for fuck’s sake, and called us paranoid. Yet time after time when we were right, you just said “A broken clock is right twice a day!”


    Fuck you. This happened because we are so goddamn sick of you. We are so goddamn sick of not being heard. We are tired of being brushed off when we speak, so we don’t speak often. The Silent Majority.

    Michael Moore of all fucking people, was the only one of you globalist shits to ever actually GET IT. You don’t fucking get it. Michael Moore, of aaaaaall people said words that brought me to tears because of how accurate he was.

    The media didn’t want him.
    The GOP establishment didn’t want him.
    The pollsters didn’t want him.
    The globalists didn’t want him.
    The NeoCons didn’t want him.
    The Socialists didn’t want him.
    The global power brokers didn’t want him.

    But the people who are tired of fighting these wars our military isn’t allowed to win, tired of being robbed, tired of being taxed to poverty, tired of being insulted, tired of being slandered, tired of being lied to, tired of our livelihoods being given away, tired of being brushed off – yeah, US, we wanted him.

    He isn’t any of the things you try to tell us he is. We saw through it and you still lie even in defeat.

    At the worst, he will be a message, louder and stronger than we have ever been.

    And, at best, he will take us back to the Moon, up to the stars, build unrivaled monuments that will last centuries, bring back our jobs and our pride.

    This man literally took on the world for us.

    And I bet even if you read this, you still don’t get it.


    Trump’s Election Will Be The Biggest “F**k You” Ever Recorded In Human History
    Michael Moore

  3. As a percentage of votes cast, all racial groups swung toward the Republican candidate in 2016 compared to 2012. However, white voters showed the lowest swing to the Republicans (1 percentage point), compared with African-Americans (7 percentage points), Latinos (8 percentage points), and Asian-Americans (11 percentage points). ->

    The myth of the reactionary white working class
    12 November 2016

    The Electoral College is supposed to partially insulate the less populated regions of the USA from electoral domination by the large urban centers, which are densely populated. Partisans of Hillary Clinton are now calling for the abolition of the Electoral College, because their candidate gained a tiny majority of the popular vote in 2016 but lost the Electoral vote to Donald Trump. The only HONEST way to advocate for the abolition of the Electoral College is to make ALL primary elections (for all parties) OPEN PRIMARIES. You will recall that the Democratic Party insisted on maintaining its many closed primaries; had they been open Bernie Sanders would have won more of them (and likely been the Democratic nominee). I believe the U.S. should maintain the Electoral College UNTIL all primaries in all 50 states are held as OPEN PRIMARY elections; after that it can be scrapped. To argue otherwise is hypocrisy.

  5. “The Democrats were running against the most glaringly unqualified candidate in American history. It should have been a landslide. With Bernie Sanders it probably would have been. (A post-election national poll shows him beating Trump 56-44.)… The Democratic Party establishment bears the ultimate blame for this miserable outcome.”

    Out in the Open (Remarks on the Trump Election)
    by Ken Knabb (Bureau of Public Secrets)

  6. What Wall Street proved with Barack Obama and hoped to repeat with Hillary Clinton was that if they put symbols in the White House, of the types of people they were harming and exploiting, those people would vote for Wall Street to continue their harm and exploitation.

    What American workers still living in the Depression of 2008 proved with President-Elect Donald Trump is that popular democracy could still triumph in the United States, and that putting a symbol of their bitter resentment into the White House was the only available way they had to fight against the harm and exploitation they suffered from Wall Street.

  7. Yvette Carnell, Jane Elliott, Cornell West, Michelle Alexander, Ned Sublette, Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Frantz Fanon, Mark Twain: These are the nine speakers and writers who have instructed me most about “race” in America. “Race” is the commonly understood label for the social and economic relations between Black Americans and White Americans. This label excludes a major portion of “race relations,” which are the many economic rivalries between non-white American populations, and which rivalries benefit the Roman style of imperialism (Divide et Impera) practiced domestically by elite, rent-seeking and largely “white” capital for the maintenance of a status quo they dominate. This second aspect of “race” is about labor and benefits competition, and is called “immigration.” A group of parents and teachers at my daughter’s high school want to have a “retreat” to “talk about race.” There is no possibility I will participate. I have said all I am going to say about “race” in articles published on the Internet, and that’s it for me. Anyone who reads and listens to the above nine authors (the last two are no longer alive) can get some inkling about my views on the subject. I have learned that discussions on this topic are useless, it’s all emotions and few facts: people believe what they want to believe.

  8. ELECTION RESULTS, as of 21 November 2016
    (NYT data)

    Donald J. Trump:
    290 Electoral College votes.
    61,125,956 popular votes (47% of turnout).

    Hillary R. Clinton:
    232 Electoral College votes.
    62,391,335 popular votes (48% of turnout).
    (+1,265,379 more popular votes than DJT).

    Clinton won 20 states:
    (West): California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington,
    (Southwest): New Mexico, Colorado,
    (Midwest): Michigan, Illinois,
    (D.C. area): Virginia, Maryland, Delaware,
    (Northeast urban): New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts,
    (Northeast rural): Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine,
    (Pacific): Hawaii.

    Trump won the other 30 states:
    Alaska, plus the full width of the continental U.S. from the northern Rockies, The Basin and Range, and the Sonoran Desert east to the Atlantic, except as noted in parts of the Southwest (CO, NM), Midwest (MN, IL), and Northeast (the Washington D.C. – New York – Boston megalopolis, and New England).

    Turnout = 130,018,201 votes.
    Turnout was 53% of a VAP = 245.3 million.
    Non-voters were 47% of VAP.
    (VAP = voting age population).

    DJT + HRC votes = 123,517,291 = 95% (47% + 48%) of turnout.
    3rd party votes = 6,500,910 = 5% of turnout.

    Votes as a percentage of the Voting Age Population (VAP):

    DJT + HRC combined votes = 50.35%.

    Non-voters = 47%.
    HRC voters = 25.43%.
    DJT voters = 24.92%.
    3rd Party voters = 2.65%.
    (Above four total 100% of VAP).

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