Vladimir Putin: Can the God of global fascists and Nazis “de-Nazify” a country?

by Michael Karadjis

Syrian Revolution Commentary and Analysis

By Michael Karadjis

Former head of the Ku Lux Klan, David Duke, with Putin’s ‘fascist brain’, Alexander Dugin, discussing how to save the White race

According to Russian president Vladimir Putin:

“The United States continues to receive more and more immigrants, and, as far as I understand, the white, Christian population is already outnumbered … White Christians have become a minority, less than 50 percent now. … Russia is a vast territory, from its western to eastern borders, it is a Eurasian space. But as regards culture, even language group and history, this all is undoubtedly a European space, as it is inhabited by people of this culture. … we have to preserve all this to remain a significant centre in the world.”

Putin’s appeal to “great replacement” theory, his dog-whistle to the “White Christian” world that must be “preserved” lest it become a minority, demonstrates clear ideological…

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3 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin: Can the God of global fascists and Nazis “de-Nazify” a country?

  1. I, personally, gained a great deal from Michael Karadjis’s essay. Because I think it is important I have: 1, reposted it on FB; 2, reblogged it from my personal blog; 3, e-mailed a link to anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian (and overall pro-justice) advocate Jennifer Loewenstein, who has her own e-mail network for broadcasting her advocacy. I only wish the irascible Louis Proyect were still alive to add his insights to the discussions. I am most definitely anti-fascist, and most definitely a “technical” and “science “guy” rather than any expert in the many swirling political currents loose in the world today, even though I have been so bold as to express “political” opinions (both domestic and international) in the past and recently.

    At this time two things are clear to me:

    1, any worldwide cooperative and effective (i.e., real) response to global warming climate change (GWCC) is intrinsically anti-fascist;

    2, the war in Ukraine has an immediate local critical dimension: the defense of a sovereign democratic and peaceful nation attacked by a dictatorial regime intent to conquer and enslave it and enact both a cultural and physical genocide against the Ukrainians;

    and the war in Ukraine has an immediate critical international dimension: it is the current flashpoint in the worldwide struggle between fascism (White Supremacy and all its associated pathologies) and multi-cultural democracy and democratic socialism.

    That struggle is MORE IMPORTANT than the fictitious and rhetorical “struggle” among internet blabbermouths between “capitalism” and “socialism,” BECAUSE neither “socialism” nor GWCC-response are possible until fascism is defeated (significantly reduced) worldwide, and also real GWCC-response would be de-facto “world socialism.”

    Therefore, I support supplying Ukraine with whatever it needs to quickly win its defensive war against Russia (against Putin, who is actually oppressing and killing his own people to prosecute his egotistical imperialist white-supremacist war of choice), and I have no patience left to tolerate denials and apologetics in favor of Putin, whether from the “right” (e.g., Trump, Coulter, Tucker Carlson, etc.) or “left” (‘don’t-nuke-me anti-imperialists’), but I’ll not say anything to the latter out of courtesy (but we’re done).

  2. Hello Manuel, I found your blog site because I read Michael Karachi’s excellent article (great to have found his blog as well) on OaklandSocialist.com blog. John is a friend of mine and we are working together on Solidarity events in the SF Bay Area, including having a booth at the SF Earth Day festival on Valencia street on April 23rd. Save the Earth-Save Ukraine. We had a table at the Hayward Farmers Market recently and had a very good response from ordinary working class people. I hope to have T-Shirts for sale (in Spanish and in English) on the 23rd that will say-Save the Earth-Save Ukraine-Russia out of Ukraine Now, with a symbol of a fist in the shape of a sunflower. The photo on your blog makes me think you are in the SF Bay Area? If you are I hope you will come and say hello at our booth. I’ve been in touch with some Venezuelan artists who want to help and are going to help make a powerful and beautiful banner for the booth, and maybe some posters that will demonstrate the connection between Putin and Fascism, something many people here don’t know anything about. I’m also an amateur musician, playing guitar and singing in English and Spanish, am going to check out some of your music.

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