Looking Beyond the Dazzle of Plutocracy

I was pointed to an article in The Telegraph (UK newspaper) about police departments testing a laser rifle that temporarily (sic) blinds “rioters,” and asked to comment. When I comment on a news story about a technology development, I usually try explaining the physics being used, and then perhaps give an opinion on the politics of why the effort is being made. My response this time skipped the technical details.

Looking Beyond the Dazzle of Plutocracy
14 December 2011

1 thought on “Looking Beyond the Dazzle of Plutocracy

  1. Mr. Garcia,
    Thank you once again for another excellent commentary.
    Yes, we the 99% must reclaim what we once had. I remember my days in high school in the early/mid 1960’s, engineering was the “hot ticket” if we wanted good jobs in the coming future. For me, Vietnam and that imperial war got in the way. I worked hard to become a journeyman machinist after I finished my time in the Marines. Still, even in the early 1970’s the economy and the jobs market looked quite good. Wages were decent even, I bought a new house in 1975 for $35,000.00. When I sold it in 2000, it sold for $180,000.00. Inflation mostly, but by then (2000) the jobs market had already started to go very sour. Wages have been basically stagnant for many years now. Thanks be to “saint” Ronnie of Raygun. Of course those who followed “saint” Ronnie did no better, witness the mess of Bush 1, Billy Bob Bubba, and Shrub (Bush 2). Gobomber is no better either.
    I’d rank Gobomber even a bit worse than Shrub. The guy lied and smart talked so many people back in 2007/2008. I tried to tell people, but he smooth talked his way into the White House. All his supposed promises were tossed into the trash bin after he took office. And yet, he “won” the Peace prize! Wow, for what? Getting elected?
    I’ll stop now before I just ramble on into infinity.

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