Castro And The Kennedy Image After The Checkmate

At 12:30 PM Central Standard Time on the 22nd of November 1963, three shots rang out in rapid succession over President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s motorcade gliding along Elm Street through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. The first bullet pierced the right side of the back of John Kennedy’s neck with a downward slant, emerging at his throat and then boring diagonally downward through the right side of the torso of John Connally, the Governor of Texas, who was seated in front of Kennedy. The second bullet struck Kennedy in the back of the skull, exploding the right side of his head. The third shot followed closely on the second, shattering against the curb of Elm Street and sending chips of lead and concrete flying so that one scratched the right cheek of James Tague, a spectator, sufficiently to draw flecks of blood. The president’s limousine began accelerating immediately after the first shot, and it raced full speed to Parkland Hospital, arriving at about 12:38 PM. Despite the frantic efforts of the trauma room doctors and surgeons to save John Kennedy’s life, within twenty  minutes that life had gone, and John Kennedy was pronounced dead at 1:00 PM. Lyndon Johnson, now constitutionally the president, delayed a public announcement of the death until 1:33 PM, so he could first leave the hospital and order an immediate defensive operation to protect government leaders including himself should the Kennedy assassination be part of a larger conspiracy that was still unfolding. At 3:01 PM CST, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote a memo to his assistant directors in which he stated: “I called the attorney general [Robert Kennedy] at his home and told him I thought we had the man who killed the President down in Dallas, at the present time.” That man was Lee Harvey Oswald. Why did he do it?

Castro And The Kennedy Image After The Checkmate
23 April 2012

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  1. Another case of blowback. Why the US ever “thought” it needed to kill Castro is what I do not understand. Because he kicked the mafia out of Cuba? Because he did not allow Wall Street to dictate the Cuban economy? What ever the reason(s), there was no justification in my opinion. Why the US is unable to allow other countries to have their own form of government fails me and remains a constant source of amazement to me. The US claims to be a “Christian” nation and yet we do NOT treat others as we want to be treated. I call that hypocrisy.

  2. An interesting item on the difficulty the USSR had in retrieving some 100 of its tactical nuclear weapons — unknown to US intelligence, which had uncovered the strategic ones — from Cuba after the Kennedy-Khrushchev deal in late October 1962 to withdraw Soviet missiles from Cuba in exchange for a US pledge not to invade the island.

    The book “Brothers In Arms” had a good deal to say about the events in Cuba, involving both the USSR missile troops and the Cuban military, during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. The BBC story (12 October 2012) adds a bit more about the Cuban-USSR tensions during that time.

  3. It is not hard to believe that the Kennedy assassination really was an operation by the Cuban intelligence service (DGI), taking advantage of Lee Harvey Oswald’s self-promotional secret agent free-lancing (described in “Brothers In Arms”), after reading the history of the Cuban Missile Crisis, by Noam Chomsky, published in The Guardian on 15 October 2012:

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