3 thoughts on “Why Don’t Americans Rise Up?

  1. Very good look at the why of things.
    I agree that my generation, boomers, have not down much to bring the newer generations into the fight for civil liberties. In fact, we have not done all we could have on that score in any way at all. We had things too easy. True, I and others of my generation did serve in the Vietnam imperial war. Still, we got home and just sort of turned off from politics and the fight for liberty.
    I tried to expand my education for the pure joy of learning once I finished my apprenticeship. My Dad had taught me that what you learned could not be taken from you. OK, it is supposedly possible to “brain wash” a person, but generally all that you learn is yours forever in this life. We seem to have stopped learning for the joy of learning. We have also quit the fight for civil liberties and now are starting to pay for those failures.
    America, what a country,

    • Mr. Garcia, Very good article. Just my own comments on why Americans don’t revolt. Not my total thinking on this subject, but some random thoughts on that topic. First, one sees often when some “leftist” or “progressive” (whatever those terms mean today) wants to show how dumb the “tea party” is, the photo of some man holding a sign that reads ;”get a brain morans”. Yeah, big deal, people do make spelling errors. That is why we have spell checkers on the computers and/or dictionaries on the computer or an actual book form dictionary.

      The other I want to use here is among my favorites. It shows the lack of understanding among many Americans and the “tea party” types in general (it was one of their members at one of their rallies who had the sign, there may have been more than one of these) also, the level of “smarts” shown by many who are native to the southern USA. The sign said; “Keep the government out of my Medicare”. Just where DO they think(??) Medicare comes from? Some “benevolent” corporation? Medicare, like Social Security ARE government programs. This obscene lack of knowledge is partly why Americans do not revolt. It is also why the politicians who rule the show like the majority so dumbed down. We are easier to rule if we are kept ignorant. Knowledge IS power. We need more and more knowledge if we are to survive as a nation of free peoples. Thank you for your valuable time reading this email. charlie ehlen Alexandria,LA p.s. Yes, I am very late with this. I have fallen way behind in my reading of late.

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