Rampage Killing In Aurora, Colorado

The outrage in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012 is now dominating the news.
Just below is a partial list of rampage killings in recent times in the U.S. (otherwise Europe), and all after 1983 (those selected are mostly between 1999-2012). A much fuller set of lists (by category of rampage killing: in geographical regions, as school shootings, workplace shootings, hate crimes, familicides, vehicular, grenade, and by other means of mass killing) is given at
Some recent rampage killings:
City/Town – State – Date – (died/injured)
San Diego, California, July 18, 1984, (21/19)
Jacksonville, Florida, June 17-18, 1990, (11/6)
Killeen, Texas, October 16, 1991, (23/19-22)
Littleton, Colorado (Columbine High School shooting), April 20, 1999, (13/21)
Atlanta, Georgia, July 27-29, 1999, (12/13)
Red Lake, Minnesota (school shooting), March 21, 2005, (9/5-7)
Blackburg, Virginia (school shooting), April 16, 2007, (32/17)
Binghamton, NY, April 3, 2009, (13/4)
Kinston, Samson and Geneva, Alabama, March 10, 2009, (10/6)
Fort Hood Texas (workplace shooting), November 5, 2009, (13/30)
Tucson, Arizona (shooting of US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords), January 8, 2011, (6/12)
Oslo and Utoya, NORWAY (hate crime) July 22, 2011, (77/42-242)
Toulouse and Montauban, FRANCE (hate crime), March 11-22, 2012, (7/8)
Oakland, California (religious school shooting), April 2, 2012, (7/3)
Aurora, Colorado (“Dark Knight” Movie House), July 20, 2012, (12/58)
The Aurora tragedy has rekindled the debate over gun control in the media, for example:
58 Murders a year by Firearms in Britain, 8,775 in US
by Juan Cole (21 July 2012)
Colorado Gun Laws Remain Lax, Despite Some Changes
by John Schwartz (20 July 2012)
However, the presidential candidates have been careful to avoid talking about gun control, even as they “honor” the victims at Aurora:
Obama Joins Romney in Gun-Control Silence After Shootings
By John McCormick (July 21, 2012)
Gun control is not an issue that can be discussed rationally in the United States, because in this country gun ownership is masturbation. After the shooting rampage and attempted assassination of US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), I wrote two articles on guns and society (“gun control”):
Gun Freedom, or Owning A Gun The Way The Constitution Intended You To
12 January 2011
Gun Malpractice Insurance
25 January 2011
It’s hopeless. These occasional massacres, perpetrated by young to early middle aged frustrated males, are the price we accept to keep our personal arsenals. Why do we need them? Because we are afraid. Why are we afraid? Because too many of us are of weak character and cruel. Why is that? Because ignorance is allowed to dominate too many of our lives.

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