6 thoughts on “Rotten Ronnie (The Crimes of Ronald Reagan)

  1. Ronnie’s Dubious Achievements not mentioned in “Rotten Ronnie”
    (based on e-mail letters sent to MG,Jr responding to the CP article)

    (1) Guatemala, massive slaughters, unspeakable cruelty by US-backed juntas.

    (2) “Trickle down” economics, a great insult to American workers.

    (3) I guess he said it all when he began his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, the town where the three civil rights workers were killed. He was not standing on the cofferdam with a shovel, but his message was loud and clear. [merging lines from two letters]

    (4) The horrific domestic consequences of the CIA/Contra-Cocaine connection to Iran-Contra; creating the West Coast crack horror to fund the Contra butcher boys, and decimate the US black youth population. [merging lines from two letters]

    (5) The classification of ketchup as veggies for school lunches.

    In the early 2000’s, the poetry slam artist Mark States would use the line:
    “Ronald Reagan said ketchup was a vegetable, and now he is a vegetable.”

    (6) Reagan’s connections to fascists: Crusade for Freedom, Arrow Cross, Lazlo Pastor, Dr. Roger Pearson:

    “Reagan was a fund raiser and spokesman for the Crusade For Freedom where former Nazi aligned fascists from the Arrow Cross received US government aid. Basically a Nazi welfare agency, I’m guessing they drove around in Fords, not Cadillacs. Lazlo Pastor, for example, came from this group and was later involved in the National Endowment for Democracy in setting up former Soviet satellites. Dr. Roger Pearson, a highly-connected fascist, would use a letter addressed to him by Reagan praising his contributions as a fund raising tool.”

    (7) Reagan’s invasion of Grenada (a chance to kill Cuban construction workers).

    (8) Grants of asylum allowed for Nicaraguans, denied for Salvadorians (a death sentence).

    (9) Naming a Washington D.C. airport for Ronnie is an insult to national honor.

    (10) HIV-1 non-policy:

    “Criminal neglect of the aids plague… Reagan refused even to discuss this while thousands of Americans got infected and later died. It took a mass mailing by the Surgeon General to tell scared Americans that aids was was not caused by kissing, or touching doorknobs.”

    (11) “Ronnie was verging on senility for the last 5-6 years of his Presidency.” [see 5]

    (12) As president of the Screen Actors Guild, Ronnie spied on some of its members (McCarthy type “anti-communist” activities).

    (13) As CA governor “he irreparably damaged the country’s finest higher education system [University of California] and that was entirely intentional.”

    What a guy!

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