7 thoughts on “The Hottest Year Keeps Getting Hotter

  1. Today, 15 January 2013, the US House of Representatives passed a $50.5B federal appropriation bill for emergency aid to the victims of “Superstorm Sandy” in the states of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. Climate change is getting expensive.

  2. Black carbon ranks as second-biggest human cause of global warming.
    15 January 2013

    “The findings came out on the same day that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that last year’s global average temperature ranked as the 10th-warmest on record, and NASA found it was the ninth-warmest. The two agencies analyze temperature data differently, but both found that with the exception of 1998, the nine warmest years since 1880 have all occurred since 2000.”

  3. Burning Fuel Particles Do More Damage to Climate Than Thought, Study Says.
    15 January 2013

    “The new calculation adds urgency to efforts to curb the production of black carbon, which is released primarily by diesel engines in the industrialized world and by primitive cook stoves and kerosene lamps in poorer nations. Natural phenomena like forest fires also produce it.”

  4. “NASA’s analysis of Earth’s surface temperature found that 2012 ranked as the ninth warmest year since 1880. NASA scientists at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) compare the average global temperature each year to the average from 1951 to 1980. This 30-year period provides a baseline from which to measure the warming Earth has experienced due to increasing atmospheric levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases. While 2012 was the ninth warmest year on record, all 10 of the warmest years in the GISS analysis have occurred since 1998, continuing a trend of temperatures well above the mid-20th century average. The record dates back to 1880 because that is when there were enough meteorological stations around the world to provide global temperature data.”

    NASA | NASA’s Analysis of 2012 Global Temperature
    15 January 2013

  5. In regards to the $50.7B Superstorm Sandy relief bill passed today (15 January 2013) by the House of Representatives, and the point in the article (cited in the post, at the top) about inter-regional fighting over sharing the costs of regional disasters, nationally, see this video of Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo (R, New Jersey) castigating his dissenting colleagues. A hot year indeed, climate change leads to heated politics!

    January 15, 2013 – LoBiondo returns to House Floor for Sandy Aid

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