Black Gold, Maximum Entropy

Peak Oil is dead, long live fracking, my climate change is gonna’ come, Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant. A meditative rant on our scheduled progression from black gold delirium to becalmed oblivion is cited. Oil shale, tar sands, and unconventional fossil fuels are linked to climate change by anthropogenic global warming, which is undamped by human restraint in the forms of energy efficiency, energy conservation and relinquishing the combustion of hydrocarbons for civilization’s heat energy. Death is preferable to change, adaptation is unthinkable, and the inevitable consequences are anticipated as tolerable by denial. All our elaborations will melt into a rising tide of entropy.

Black Gold, Maximum Entropy
21 October 2013


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  1. Of related interest to “Black Gold, Maximum Entropy”:

    Michael Klare describes the new fossil fuel euphoria uncorked by the technological breakthrough of “fracking” (hydraulic fracturing). Plenty of money still to be made, hallelujah!

    Fossil Fuel Euphoria
    Hallelujah, Oil and Gas Forever!
    By Michael T. Klare
    October 15, 2013

    Gregory Vickrey gives a lament in four movements over the lost and forgotten environmental movement of yore, the sanitized imagery of which is now taken to adorn the face of corporate greenwashing.

    Symphony of Failure
    October 16, 2013
    Environmental Activism in Four Movements

    When the obvious becomes news it must be serious. Fossil fuel fever kills.

    Air pollution a leading cause of cancer – U.N. agency
    By Kate Kelland and Stephanie Nebehay
    17 October 2013

    “Research suggests that exposure levels have risen significantly in some parts of the world, particularly countries with large populations going through rapid industrialization, such as China.”

    Blow ill wind, blow away
    Warmed so far away
    You’re blowin’ me no good (no good).

    Disease-carrying mosquitoes spotted in state
    By Erin Allday
    17 October 2013

    “Two types of mosquito known to carry dengue and yellow fever – tropical illnesses rarely seen in California – have been spotted around the state, including San Mateo County, and now vector control experts are scrambling to kill them off before they become seasonal threats.”

    The following article reminds me a bit of the collapse of the Classic Maya civilization in the southern lowlands (a Post Classic continued in the highland north, and Yucatan). An unorganized loss of participants by emigration leading to a (potential, for Israel) weakening of the existing state order. Personal survival and well-being taking precedence over “patriotism.”

    Why Are So Many Jews Leaving Israel?
    18 October 2013

    The U.S. should have started building its solar energy (post fossil fuel) national power generation infrastructure 40 years ago. Think of how improved it would be today. Many people can imagine living in better societies than humanity as a whole is willing to create. Ease of forgetting the past assures the comfort of sincerity in future victimhood.

    U.S. oil supply looks vulnerable 40 years after embargo
    Wendy Koch, USA TODAY
    19 October 2013|topnews|text|

    Also, the end-of-the-year wildfires have erupted in Australia, and it is only mid October.

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