A Personal Look Back From 2013

I look back on 10 years of writing commentary for the Internet on public affairs.

A Personal Look Back From 2013
16 December 2013

This end-of-year look back echoes thoughts I posted (with Mark Twain) in August 2013 at:

The Damned Human Race (Still)
1 August 2013


Homo sapiens is the first species known to have developed the intellectual sophistication to anticipate its own self-induced extinction, but it gives no indication of having the ability to advance its social behavior so as to prevent that outcome.

The next article that I contributed to and is likely to appear should be published/posted by Swans on 13 January 2013. It is a dialog with Dr. Daniel P. Wirt, M.D., on anthropogenic global warming (AGW). It is an extensive and richly detailed discussion about the impact of human-caused global warming on the well-being of the world’s poor, about some politically motivated global warming contrarians, and about the prospects for global cooperation in response to a species-wide climate change crisis: extinction. Our title for this article is:

A Dialog On AGW And Malthusian End Times
by: Dr. Daniel P. Wirt, M.D., and Manuel García, Jr.

Look for it next year.

Goodbye 2013, and Happy New Year, World.

To all: Have fun, and be kind.


13 January 2014

Swans didn’t like “A Dialog On AGW and Malthusian End Times,” so it appears elsewhere on this blog: