Democratic Party Unity Without Bernie?

MG,Jr. response to Robert Reich

Robert Reich (2 posts on his Facebook web-page, 15 April 2016):

(#1) Bernie Sanders’s candidacy is not really about Bernie. It’s about a movement to reclaim our economy and democracy from the moneyed interests that have a choke hold on it. Bernie is the voice of that movement — which gives his candidacy purpose and urgency. Hillary Clinton’s fundamental handicap is that her candidacy is about her. She is not leading a movement. Which leaves her candidacy with only one real purpose — to elect her. And in many people’s minds, at least at this point, that purpose doesn’t feel particularly urgent. What do you think?

(#2) I thought tonight’s debate (14 April 2016, NYC) between Bernie and Hillary Clinton was too belligerent on both sides. It’s understandable that both candidates would feel pressure to be more combative, but I worry that if this keeps up it will be harder for either’s supporters to enthusiastically unite behind the opponent as nominee just 90 days from now — when unity and enthusiasm will be essential in order to overcome a far greater Republican menace. What do you think?

MG,Jr. (a combined response, posted to #2):

Bernie or Bust. I’m done with being lesser-evilled into voting for corporate corruption as government.

HRC is a Republican to the right of Eisenhower disguised as a Democrat, and the DNC-controlled Democratic Party is just a name brand that long ago abandoned its once-core FDR principles. I haven’t.

As to DNC’s bogeyman of the “Republican menace,” let the DNC reap what it sowed for sabotaging Bernie every step of the way. They don’t care about the country, only about maintaining their positions getting slopped by the Big Money, and that would continue under President Trump (or Cruz, or Kasich) but not under President Bernie.

To HRC cultists, your denial of reality is purely selfish halo-polishing: if HRC is elected you will never notice (and take responsibility for) the damage she does, just as GWBush voters have never noticed his.

If the DNC & HRC cultists succeed in stopping our revolution with Bernie (this time), and demand we choose HRC’s smooth management of continuing corruption over Trump (or whoever’s) unleashing of chaos, then I abstain, and I accept that chaos may be what the country needs before it can wake up to reform and renewal. I will vote for any Democrat on my ballot only if they endorsed Bernie.

“I’d rather vote for what I want and not get it, than vote for what I don’t want and get it.”


4 thoughts on “Democratic Party Unity Without Bernie?

  1. The results of the New York primary for the Democratic Party, on 19 April 2016, were: Clinton 57.9% (139 delegates) and Sanders 42.1% (108 delegates). Popular stupidity and self absorption, allied with deeply funded corruption, were able to hold back political reform, economic justice and social renewal. The slaves voted for their enslavement, the vain women voted for their vanity, and the owners of the national plantation paid for these results to be able to continue exploiting everybody. The one positive outcome of Campaign 2016 so far is that there is now a self-identified movement of young and better-educated people for political reform, economic justice and social renewal. “I rebel, therefore we exist.”

  2. An electoral contest between bigotry and corruption would be a very tight race in the United States. Corruption has a slight advantage because it underwrites the organized portion of bigotry. However, it would be opposed by the disorganized nativist portion of bigotry. The majority popular will is actually against both bigotry and corruption, but this popular will is throttled by oligarchy, which depends on political corruption for its existence. The popular support for corporate and political corruption arises from deluded weakness seeking power by association, and vanity pretending to have moral character.

  3. It’s all very simple: a vote for Hillary is a vote for “all about me,” while a vote for Bernie is a vote for “all about us.” “I rebel, therefore we exist.”

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