13 American Truths

13 American Truths:

Ignorance is Strength.
War is Peace.
Freedom is Slavery.
Capitalism is Theft.
God is Murder.
Property is Racism.
Suburbia is Segregation.
Vanity is Greed.
Greed is Sacred.
Love is Weakness.
Hate is Power.
Power is Justice.
Conversation is Dead.

2 thoughts on “13 American Truths

  1. An electoral contest between bigotry and corruption would be a very tight race in the United States. Corruption has a slight advantage because it underwrites the organized portion of bigotry. However, it would be opposed by the disorganized nativist portion of bigotry. The majority popular will is actually against both bigotry and corruption, but this popular will is throttled by oligarchy, which depends on political corruption for its existence. The popular support for corporate and political corruption arises from deluded weakness seeking power by association, and vanity pretending to have moral character.

  2. Capitalism is religion.
    Banks are churches.
    Bankers are priests.
    Wealth is heaven.
    Poverty is hell.
    Rich people are saints.
    Poor people are sinners.
    Commodities are blessings.
    Money is God.
    — Miguel D. Lewis

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