Election 2016: Looking Past July from May

Democrats for Trump (after July) = Hillary Clinton voters (before July).

The American electorate wants an independent and outsider as the next President.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are the only major independents and outsiders now in the race.

Between the two major independent outsiders, the electorate substantially prefers Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton’s popularity is in steady decline, at present (in May) being slightly above Trump’s.

If the only major independent outsider available in November is Trump, he will win the presidency.

The fight for the Democratic Party nomination is a struggle between:
– the corrupt and parasitic careerism of a privileged few (Hillary Clinton people), against
– a national renewal for the common good, desired by the many (Bernie Sanders people).

Trump’s supporters are motivated by anger at the neoliberal establishment for impoverishing them, but they partly misdirect that anger to scapegoated minorities.

Hillary’s timorous simple-minded supporters are motivated by a desire to experience power and public glory vicariously, without any loss of their material comforts.

Hillary’s powerful patrons are motivated to maintain control of the government, to ensure continuation of their neoliberal establishment.

Bernie’s supporters are motivated by anger at the neoliberal establishment, and by a desire to actually experience an ecstasy of revolutionary national renewal, in solidarity.

National unity is not in the interests of Hillary’s ambitions: she preaches “lower expectations,” willfully alienates Bernie Sanders people, and has long been bought by the neoliberal establishment to prosecute their class war.

National unity is out of Trump’s reach: he gains the support of the ignorant portion of the white working class by misdirecting their anger to scapegoated minorities.

Bernie Sanders has achieved national unity, which is opposed by the neoliberal establishment, its young careerists, and its older, timorous, comfortably simple-minded flunkies.

The selfish ambitions of careerist mediocrities finds its greatest resonance in Hillary Clinton’s invertebrate character of blatant corruption, blithe incompetence and wily mendacity.

The hunger for the power to be able to bully without personal hazard, which great wealth can pay for, finds its paragon in Donald Trump.

The yearning for living immersed in a society of peace, freedom and compassion, finds its political focus in the campaign and person of Bernie Sanders.

Some of us will get what we deserve, and some of us won’t.