Voter Matrix 2016


Political types:

anti-establishment = populist = democratic
establishment = oligarchy = undemocratic

Candidate types:

Trump = anti-establishment bigotry,
Clinton = establishment corruption,
Sanders = anti-establishment socialism.

Voter types:

Clinton (from most to least):
– selfish non-thinking brand-loyal D-voters,
– careerist D-party members (insiders and wannabe insiders),
– establishment capitalists,
– crossover R-voters repelled by Trump.

Trump (from most to least):
– proletarian white non-thinkers,
– brand-loyal R-voters (subset of above),
– maverick establishment capitalists,
– elite careerist R-party members (insiders).

Sanders (from most to least):
– proletarians under 45 years of age (most of the USA),
– petite & moyenne bourgeois (“middle class”) socialists,
– grande bourgeois (“rich”) socialists.