California Primary Dispatches, 20May2016

[Hillary Clinton reneges on a commitment to debate Bernie Sanders in CA by June 7]:

Logically, it does her no good to debate Bernie, especially now. So, tactically, she’s right to avoid fulfilling her earlier commitment. And, this shows (as if we need to see it again) what a hollow careerist she is. She’s not interested in voters as actual human beings, or “the national good,” or “democracy,” for Hillary “it’s all about me.”

Substantively, she has nothing to debate, her “policies” boil down to influence peddling to establishment high finance. Her campaign now has devolved to simple fear-mongering (“be afraid of Trump, and vote for me to avoid that fear”), which will be most effective with her blissfully delusional “first female president” cultists. Hillary Clinton supporters in the general public (outside Cult Central apparatchiks) have learned how to remain happy and avoid cognitive dissonance, by being delusional.

Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party want voters to serve them. Bernie Sanders’ campaign is the exact opposite, he wants to serve the voters. The debate is done, now it’s time for people to just do the right thing.

[Ray says “vote Hillary” because she’d make better Supreme Court choices than Trump]:

Ray, look at the polls, Hillary is a loser. Neither Trump people, nor more Bernie people than you can imagine, will ever vote for her. Everybody knows she’s just an influence peddler, and that’s not real popular with voters right now, especially anyone who has suffered in some way from the 2007-2008 crash (which is most working/not-working people).

The Supreme Court – does – not – matter. Judges are appointed primarily to safeguard property/capital from populism and democracy; this is true regardless of whether it’s a “Democrat” or “Republican” president. “Social issues” can be resolved (pushed past the SC) by legislation. If the issue doesn’t have enough support to get legislated into law, the SC can diddle with it, but like Obamacare, if the SC sniffs the dominant mood, it goes along (and if the public doesn’t care or seem to notice, they nudge things along in favor of “property”). Also, the “be afraid of the SC appointments” red herring is a typical Clinton campaign fear tactic (like “fear Trump”) to manipulate the non-thinking fearful into acquiescing to Hillary. It’s Hillary-troll type stuff, Ray; it won’t wash with Bernie people.

Revolutions live because revolutionaries are fearless. Revolutionaries think, instead of just reacting fearfully, because thinking is the greatest antidote to fear. Trump-fear is a Clinton Campaign psychological manipulation. To succumb to it is to remain a slave. “I rebel there we exist” (Camus)

Finally, the election is actually about two issues, one national and one partisan:

#1, will the US government remain under the control of property/finance/corporations to the detriment of the public, or return to public control (democracy versus oligarchy)?, and

#2, will the Democratic Party remain under the control of property/finance/corporations to the detriment of the public, or return to public control (“open” democracy versus corruption & influence peddling)?

The Bernie-Hillary contest will determine the partisan issue (who gains control of the DP). A Bernie-Trump national contest would determine the issue of national control (people versus corporations/corruption). A Hillary-Trump contest would mean both the partisan and national issues were settled (for a while) in favor of the Big Money (people would have lost, again), and the result in November would only tell us what style that corporate control would exhibit to perception-manage and string along the enslaved population.


2 thoughts on “California Primary Dispatches, 20May2016

  1. When Bernie is eventually trashed in the convention, which is as doubtless as gravity or the passage of time, will Bernie then join the Greens? Since he has clearly stated that he will support Killery if she is nominated, I think he will *not* do the right thing, thus abandoning whatever principles he might have.

    Since I am in a solidly red state which will go to the Donald no matter what, Bernie’s decision is of only intellectual interest and my vote is merely a gesture. Sigh.

    One other question remains … is that orange possum on the Donald’s head dead, or merely well trained?

    • Moses did not get to lead his people into the Promised Land, but that did not stop the Exodus from bondage, nor tarnish their gratitude, admiration and love for him afterward.

      It is the Golden Calf Turd Blossom.

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