Candidate, Voter & Campaign Matrix 2016

This entirely subjective matrix of characterizations of the candidates, their voters and their campaigns, is 100% accurate in my opinion. The candidates (and the categories associated with them, below) are listed in the preference ranking of the corporate establishment, which is exactly the inverse preference ranking of the public.

Candidate Qualities:

Hillary Clinton: corruption, incompetence, mendacity, careerism.

Donald Trump: bombast, braggadocio, bigotry, bluster.

Bernie Sanders: integrity, vision, judgment, compassion.

Voter Qualities:

Hillary Clinton’s:
old, comfortable, boring, fearful, unthinking, manipulative, selfish, want Democratic labels on Republican outcomes.

Donald Trump’s: white male, non-thinking, envious, resentful, want attention/respect.

Bernie Sanders’:
young, young-at-heart, idealistic, sociable, intelligent, hard-working, underpaid, determined, honest, want justice.

Candidate Ownership:
CI = corruption index (0 to 1)
BI = bigotry index (0 to 1)
BI = (BvI + BaI)/2
BvI = verbal bigotry index (0 to 1)
BaI = action bigotry index (0 to 1)

Hillary Clinton’s:
100% corporate establishment;
CI = 1.0, BvI = 0.2, BaI = 0.8, BI = 0.5

Donald Trump’s:
60% corporate, 30% private, 10% public;
CI = 0.6, BvI = 0.7, BaI = 0.3, BI = 0.5

Bernie Sanders’:
100% public;
CI = 0, BI = 0 = BvI = BaI.

Primary Campaigns:

Hillary Clinton’s primary campaign is a public relations spectacle to mask the attempted continuation of corporate establishment ownership of the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump’s primary campaign was a successful hostile take-over of the Republican Party by a combine of maverick corporate raiders and disaffected populist white supremacists. The corporate establishment ownership (same one) has accommodated itself to this change in Republican Party leadership.

Bernie Sander’s primary campaign is a hostile take-over attempt of the Democratic Party by the public. The corporate establishment ownership (same one) continues to fight this take-over attempt, and its intended expropriation of the Democratic Party by the public.