Why I Hate Hillary’s and Donald’s Voters, and Enjoy Doing So

“Alright, just remember to always explain your opinions logically and give the facts and reasons openly. It doesn’t help the explanation much to rely on emotional explanations without facts.”

It is a fact that I dislike supporters of Hillary Clinton. It is a fact that I dislike supporters of Donald Trump. It is also a fact that some of the people who are in my normal circle of family and friends support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Because I value maintaining good family relations, and also prefer not to annoy friends (and, you know, “friends”), I make a point of not talking politics with these non-Bernie personal insiders and acquaintances.

Even so, I have taken a nastier anti-Hillary tone lately to try to shake off Hillary type people from my pool of acquaintances (which is the purpose of my new Facebook page). I can afford to have this attitude since I am retired and have no need to ingratiate myself with a wide variety of people in order to carry on a career or become “accepted” in society. But you, as a young person, should not be so unfriendly to the wide variety of idiots that fill the ranks of humanity in these United States. You have yet to launch a professional career, and will need to be tolerant of the many imperfections of your potential audiences. Once you are mature, and have money in the bank, you can prune off the deadwood from your life.

It is true that I see Hillary voters as being one of, or a combination of, the following: ignorant and easily led, obdurate and stupid, selfish, a vagina vanity voter, self-satisfied, spoiled and entitled, suburban, physically older and mentally immature, superficial, vacuous, unaware, gullible, a timorous mediocrity and wannabe careerist dependent on wages, unprincipled: a true careerist in establishment politics, malevolent: an oligarch corrupting democracy with money so as to steal on a grander scale.

Donald Trump’s voters fall into these same categories, except for “vagina vanity voter,” for which they substitute: “bigotry as cover for insecurity by white males.” So, Hillary gets the benefit of XX bigotry, Donald gets the benefit of good-old-boy XY bigotry, and poor Bernie misses out entirely on the bigotry vote because of all his talk of “inclusion” “diversity” and “compassion.” He’s really out of touch with heartland America (and the Confederacy) on this one.

A Hillary or Trump partisan could charge me — beyond being “wrong” about my candidate choice, and beyond the standard charges of being disrespectful of their preferred forms of bigotry and thus a necessary target of them (which I am, proudly and inevitably, respectively) — with taking an insulting attitude toward these partisans and acting superior to them. I don’t see how I can escape such a charge, so I plead guilty. The only mitigating factors I could point out are that:

1, Clinton and Trump partisans don’t care in the slightest what I think, and they pay no attention to what I say or write. So my “insults” of them evaporate in the unseen aridity of their unknowing.

2, The momentarily uncomfortable twinges of mental stress that the proletarian (wage-earning) partisans of Clinton and Trump may feel as a result of my comments and “superior” attitude tickling their cognitive dissonances are quickly dispelled by resort to their favorite palliative: delusion. People believe what they want to believe, and facts don’t matter. By maintaining vacuous and vaporous minds they prevent logical substantive arguments by Bernie Sanders from gaining conceptual traction, and altering their programming. Once again, self-protection by willful ignorance: outta sight, outta mind.

For my part, my sense of superiority comes from knowing that the vision for America that Bernie Sanders presents, and Hillary and Donald oppose, is easily possible and inevitable, in the sense that the 13th Amendment was inevitable, if America is to have any possibility of a worthwhile future. It really comes down to that, folks, are Americans to become servants and slaves? — albeit with gas-guzzling SUVs and big-screen TVs vomiting infotainment garbage on a 24-hour cycle to maintain their conditioning to obedience by the masses — or will the public regain control of their government, their economy, and thus of their lives and the destinies of their children?

So, yes, I think the people who oppose that very realistic vision, by “proudly,” stubbornly and myopically working to advance the ambitions of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are all the terrible things I have enjoyed saying about them. And, it makes me feel very good to share Bernie Sanders’ vision, and to know that there are millions of people who are my brothers and sisters in the sharing of that vision. QED.