The King of Clubs, the Queen of Diamonds, and the King of Hearts

Donald Trump is the Cracker King, lord of the worthless knuckleheads who cover their insecurities with bigotry, and crave the respect they thought would be their due in a blissful white supremacy state. He is now also the Usurper King of the Regressive Plutocrats: the maverick leader of the Republican Party. Donald issues a great deal of bilious bombast and bluster, but within that expansive superheated vacuity there are some sparks of creativity and independence. The establishment may never fully domesticate him. We’ll see. If the Democrats insist on imposing Hillary Clinton on us then Trump is likely to become our next President.

Hillary Clinton is the Queen of the Desperate Housewives and their charmless princes, the Maleficent disguised as Glinda, the paragon of the sell-outs and careerists, the me-people who live in the comfort bubble of the establishment and don’t want anything or anybody spoiling the perfect arrangements of their self-satisfaction. Hillary Clinton is the cash injected-molded made-to-order service provider for the establishment owners.

Bernie Sanders is the American Spartacus leading the most popular revolt against economic tyranny in over half a century. His are the we-people of America: the youth who want real futures, the overworked underpaid who want real lives, and the old who retain the ideals of the New Deal. Bernie has assembled the most diverse array of supporters of any candidate ever, and holds the popular majority. He is the emblem of America’s future, and the man most fearfully hated by the careerists and flunkies of what is now obviously an outmoded and failed past.

2 thoughts on “The King of Clubs, the Queen of Diamonds, and the King of Hearts

  1. Your lineup of playing card royalty made me think of Alice getting mixed of with that irrational deck the other side of the looking glass. Tweedledum and Tweedledee are the classic voters for the two parties. Is the Trump card the Mad Hatter? No, the Hatter is mad but harmless. The big mouth is Humpty Dumpty who is bringing us all down in a great fall into the gutter. You know who the Red Queen is, “Off with his head!” No, I’m not a misogynist. Reasonable Alice gets my vote.

  2. MESSAGE TO THE MEDIA in angst about the unpopularity of the “two” choices for president: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, triggered by Morning Joe, 2 June 2016, “there doesn’t seem to be a viable alternative right now” [sic!]. “If you could just get someone [sic!] in there who would raise the bar, who would elevate the conversation… right now it’s just a race to the bottom.”

    It’s obvious: BERNIE SANDERS. How hard is it for people (and you in the media) to just do the right thing for the country (and not the paid-off party hacks) and support Bernie Sanders who EVERYBODY (even you, media) know is who the American people want as president, and whose agenda is what the American people want implemented to improve their lives. Why are you so resistant to just doing the right thing? That intransigence today is equivalent to the resistance in 1865 to pass the 13th Amendment (outlawing slavery), and the resistance in 1964-1968 to the three Civil rights Acts (outlawing racial discrimination). Media people are limited by the Sinclair Rule: “It is difficult to get a person to understand something when their salary depends on their not understanding it.” Break free of your golden handcuffs, speak the truth out loud, and do the right thing for the country, to be on the humane right side of history, and for the good of your own soul. In your heart, you know what I am saying is right. It is a tragedy to live with the knowledge that you’ve sold your moral character out for the passing material comforts of your little personal bubbles in a corrupt system. Self-respect is a treasure of inestimable price, and beyond compare. This is your time in history to move justice forward to a new generation, our children. Rise to the occasion, and you will live with a sense of fulfillment for the rest of your days.

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