When Life Is A Crime

The excrement of legalized racketeering by the vampire parasites on the nation’s life-blood cultures the growth of murderous sociopaths who massacre the bright hopes
of our emerging and redeeming innocents, and our collective soul.

The raw cry of justice screams up from the blood-soaked streets and floors of our schools,
for retribution’s purge to sweep through the corridors of power, the temples of mammon, and the sanctuaries of privileged bigotry and greed.

The peace of the nation is being blood-sacrificed in a raging war for power over life,
by our materialistic egotists of soulless privilege.

The warmth of kind hearts is freezing into the hardened prayer
for a just God to loose It’s avenging angels.

17 February 2018

2 thoughts on “When Life Is A Crime

    • Our own better and braver natures in solidarity. If we are too timorous to have that exist, or come into existence, then we sink with the past into oblivion, deservedly and sadly so. Slaves who do not rebel against their slavery are neither respected nor pitied nor saved.

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