Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Hall, Aikido

Aikido 2nd degree black belt (Nidan) test
at the Aikido Institute, Oakland, California, on 13 March 1988.

Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Hall
(falls by Kayla Feder)

Panel (left to right):
Frank Doran, Hoa Newens, Kim Peuser, Kayla Feder, Tom Gambell

Seen in doorway with video camera:
Mark Miller, and Trung Dinh (behind).

Seen in randori:
Cyndy Hayashi (left), Deborah Maizels (airborne), unknown (behind Beth)

Beth Hall is currently a 4th degree black belt in aikido.


Technical details of original photographs:
Minolta XE7 (35mm SLR camera) with 50 mm f1.7 lens
ASA 400 Kodak color print film
45 degree (up) bounce flash, synched at 1/90 second
Minolta 128 Flash in auto mode, for 50 foot distance
aperture set between f2.8 and f4
action (depth of field) at 25 feet, (+5, -10)
exposures from flash and existing light are comparable in each frame

See Beth in action as uke for Hoa Newens or Kim Peuser in many of these 1989 videos:

Hoa Newens, Aikido 1 to Aikido 8:

Kim Peuser, Aikido 9

Hoa Newens, Aikido 10 to Aikido 12

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  1. Incredible! Thank you Manuel for letting me know of the post. Beth is awesome. I know her only by reputation. And what is even more mesmerizing is Kayla Sensei herself, taking falls.
    See you on the mat.

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