Peter Slote, Aikido

Aikido 2nd degree black belt (Nidan) test
at the Aikido Institute, Oakland, California, on 13 March 1988.

Peter Slote
(falls by John Clarke)

Panel (left to right):
Frank Doran, Hoa Newens, Kim Peuser, Kayla Feder, Tom Gambell

Peter Slote is currently a 4th degree black belt in aikido.

Slote1Slote2Slote3Slote4Technical details of original photographs:
Minolta XE7 (35mm SLR camera) with 50mm f1.7 lens
ASA 400 Kodak color print film
45 degree (up) bounce flash, synched at 1/90 second
Minolta 128 Flash in auto mode, for 50 foot distance
aperture set between f2.8 and f4
action (depth of field) at 25 feet, (+5, -10)
exposures from flash and existing light are comparable in each frame

See Peter in action as uke for Hoa Newens or Kim Peuser in many of these 1989 videos:

Hoa Newens, Aikido 1 to Aikido 8:

Kim Peuser, Aikido 9

Hoa Newens, Aikido 10 to Aikido 12

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  1. Manuel:
    Peter’s Aikido was always Drop Dead Gorgeous. I had him to par with Hoa Sensei, but if you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.

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