Historia de un amor — Español-English

Historia de un amor (1955)
por Carlos Eleta Almarán

Ya no estás más a mí lado corazon
En el alma solo tengo soledad
Y si ya no puedo verte
Porque Dios me hizo quererte
Para hacerme sufrir más.

Siempre fuiste la razón de mí existir
Adorarte para mí fue religión
Y en tus brazos encontraba
El amor que me brindaba
El calor de tu pasión.

Es la historia de un amor
Como no hay otro igual
Que me hizo comprender
Todo el bien, todo el mal.

Que le dio luz a mí vida
Apagándola después
Ay que noche tan obscura
todo se me ha de volver…

A Love Story (1955)
by Carlos Eleta Almarán

You’re no longer by my side my dear sweet love,
and in my soul there is only loneliness,
and since now I cannot see you
and God made me just to love you,
so my suffering is endless.

You always were the reason why I lived,
adoring you was my religious faith,
and within your arms I entered
that love for me you offered,
heated passion of such strength.

This is the story of our love,
of which there is no equal,
it has made me understand
all that’s good, and all that’s evil

That brought radiance to my living
extinguished now that you’re not here,
my night is ever darkening,
it all comes back to memory…

Historia de un amor
[a brief article about this song]

Here are 10 performances of Historia de un amor. They are all good, done by good singers (and musicians) committed to producing beautiful and affecting musical artistry. The Spanish lyrics here are those used by Guadalupe Pineda and (almost exactly) by Pedro Infante and Libertad Lamarque. Some of the other singers use a slightly different version, which is written out during the Lola Ponce video.


Guadalupe Pineda
(a very popular version, at a nice pace with nice sentiment and no excesses)

Pedro Infante

French Latino
(very touching sincerity, and a classy performance)

Lola Ponce – (Letra – Lyrics)
(wonderful sentiment and passion, strong emotion without hysteria)

Libertad Lamarque
(1955, first recording, and beautiful)

Eydie Gormé and Los Panchos (1964)
[Eydie’s big and sunny singing style, along with Los Panchos’ elegant ensemble guitar work, make for a timelessly engaging rendition of Historia de un amor.]

Raíssa Amaral

Ιστορία μιας αγάπης Hrysoula Stefanaki

Victoria Nikitcenko

Mario Frangoulis

Eartha Kitt