Boundary Limit

Western Edge

Boundary Limit

“Bigotry is the disease of the religious.”

“No matter how many ways you try, you cannot find a boundary to consciousness,
so deep in every direction does it extend.” – Herakleitos, ~500 BC

If God exists, is It Christian?
Is God an intolerant monotheist,
who only believes in Its one inflexible form?,
the Jerusalem God of sheep herders and camel drivers,
the choosy God,
the insecure imperialist demanding conformity,
stingy with pleasure – dour –
frightened of women?
Or, would God be an atheist?,
a great unconscious source-point,
manifesting Itself as a natural universe
unfolding endlessly without embedded reason,
without cohesive purpose,
a Godhead of Alzheimer’s vacuity – pure unaware existence.
(And so, can we have aware nonexistence? –
a cognizant void –
of necessity by sheer conceivability?)
Or, perhaps our God is the Zen God,
the Buddhist God of inexplicability,
a weave of awareness and unawareness
folded and braided onto Itself,
with an unending array of parallel self-consciousness,
a confluence of parallels, of flickering perceptibility.
And then, perhaps God is simply a concept,
a characteristic resonance of neural circuitry,
a mental projection easily cast as language construct,
simply a part of the psychic hum of human machinery –
bio-electro-chemical static –
an inconsequential artifact of chance reality.
And then, again, perhaps not.
Certainly, each proclaimed form of God has it uses,
as comfort to its faithful, or their cudgel against infidels.
But, no true God is created by the uses we impose,
the true God is only to be known, and only by the true person.

16 December 2002