Why are Hillary and Trump tied? (2 months before election)

The “I’m With Her” people are worried. Robert Reich sums it up: “What? They’re tied? How can this be? A new national poll released today [6 September 2016] from CNN/ORC shows 45 percent of likely voters backing Donald Trump and 43 percent supporting Hillary Clinton. (The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.)…This makes no sense to me. Either the poll is faulty, or we’re in far greater trouble than I imagined.”

It “makes no sense” if your thinking is confined to the H-bubble of fantasized inevitability, and it also “makes no sense” because it is in fact nonsense: it is not the result of rational thought.

There is no compelling logic, compelling circumstances nor evident morality that would justify the notion that Donald Trump deserves to be the next US President. However, neither logic, nor the force of circumstances, nor morality play decisive roles in the elections of US presidents in our time: illogical emotions, frivolity, and a vast meshing of dishonesty and failures of character dominate that process. Donald Trump is the Great White Hope: the less educated, more economically strapped, and more fearful you are that your whiteness has lost its privileges and protective powers, the greater the likelihood that you will find Donald Trump the more appealing presidential candidate.

Donald Trump is the popular response of the white working class to its nearly 40 year degradation by neoliberal economics. Donald Trump is not Hitler, neoliberalism is Dracula. The neoliberal plague was unleashed in 1979 by Margaret Thatcher (in the UK) and Ronald Reagan in 1981, and has continued to be propagated in the US by a succession of corporate-owned factotums: George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and — if the Democratic Party can rig everything to come out just right — Hillary Clinton.

It is abundantly clear that should Hillary Clinton lose the November election (as seems more likely with each passing day) it will be a richly deserved loss. She seems to have the singular talent for becoming more repellant the longer one is acquainted with her. She is like an infinitely layered onion of corruption that becomes danker and more odious as each succeeding inner layer is exposed. One can only speculate with extreme dread at what lies at the core of Hillary Clinton. In the electoral battle to win hearts and minds, time is definitely not on Hillary Clinton’s side. Indeed, most people outside of the Hillary Clinton personality cult believe that American democracy would have to be sacrificed in order to elevate her to the presidency, as her neoliberal masters wish.

Though Donald Trump’s enormous repulsiveness becomes instantly evident on becoming aware of him, one’s distaste for him saturates at first exposure and never increases thereafter, and one soon becomes desensitized to it. Trump has a personality, of grandiosity, of near unicellular simplicity in comparison to the fungal manifold of deceptiveness that is the personality of Hillary Clinton. So, with Trump what you see is what you get, and all there is. With Hillary there is always something hidden, and it is never good.

The American electorate may arrive at a consensus of voting for a train-wreck they can be assured of seeing unfold in every detail, instead of voting for a stealthy railroading of them all, under the guise of social progress.


New National Poll Shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Essentially Tied
6 September 2016 (New York Times)