Karma Is Good For Everyone

Karma Is Good For Everyone

“Character is fate,”
we are as we do:
juggling karma: a comic gambler
dance with karma: an artist at living
wrestle with karma: an ordinary worker
fight with karma: an ignorant schemer
seduce karma: a clever schemer
abuse karma: a parasite
pimp karma: a heartless criminal
betray karma: amorally lucky
submit to karma: a broken spirit
love and hate karma: childishly immature
ignore karma: a proud fool
escape karma: a delusional mediocrity
embrace karma: an adventurer
transcend karma: hibernation of a recluse mind
contemplate karma: a poet.

8 September 2016

3 thoughts on “Karma Is Good For Everyone

    • “In front of Beatrice was a plate of croissants and a plate of butter, a pot of strawberry jam, coffee and a jug of cream. Beatrice was spreading butter thick on the delicious hot bread, covering this with jam, and then pouring the thick cream over all.
      “You’ll kill yourself,” said Frank.
      “I don’t care,” mumbled Beatrice with her mouth full.
      “You’ll put on pounds and pounds.”
      “Go to hell!”
      — W. Somerset Maugham (“Three Fat Women Of Antibes”)

  1. Frank hasn’t learnt not to come between a wife and her peccadillo. He risks having a lesson in not so nice karma, kukarma, in divorce court. Or has he like his daddy W. Somerset, kept the bale of stocks and bonds in his unique care? If not, Beatrice will be laughing all the way to her diet therapist’s. But enough banter. What’s for breakfast?

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