An Old Cur Gnaws Through

An Old Cur Gnaws Through

People would rather fall off their own cliffs
than have their illusions interrupted.
Our people prefer to perish in a nuclear war
than submit to hanging their wash in the sun.
It’s a matter of principle.

Why give in to happiness
when you can insist on getting what you want?
Success is not about gaining happiness,
but an obedient world bowing to your demands.
It’s a matter of principle.

Women don’t want husbands, they want dogs.
Their ideal husbands would be their dogs
with a steady income.
There’s no bestiality, they don’t want sex,
they just put up with sex to have their children.
It’s all evolutionary programming to pass on genes.
Love is entirely psychological anesthesia.
The doggie on the leash, with its balls cut off,
wagging its tail and waiting patiently,
is the woman’s dearest lover.

The old cur gnaws through its tether
and wanders off.
It’s a matter of principle.

20 October 2016