Hail to the Chief

Hail to the Chief

Democracy is so precious that it has to be rationed,
voting must be guided least it undermine the nation.
A confederation of complacent parasites
triumphs over a panic of anguished bigots’ fright.
The great zombie beast, dazed and confused,
plows on forward, prodded and amused.
The ruptured traditions all have been preserved,
the fragile ideals have successfully been reversed:
The task of public schools
is to press children into tools,
the goal of private schools
is to carve robots out of fools.
Dynasties arise and ancient unions fail,
memories turn over, and to the chief we hail.
No dreams have been deferred, they’ve simply been forgotten,
corrupted as ambition, or as despair turned rotten.
With clarity intact, and old visions of uplift,
with your world I’m out of time, athwart your synchronism.
With insights you attack, I’m now thankfully adrift,
this solitude of mine is freedom from your prison.

22 October 2016


2 thoughts on “Hail to the Chief

  1. It is interesting to realize that, if you know what is real, you are isolated from the herd in subtle ways … while the herd is a gaggle of self-satisfied domesticated donkeys primed to be pulled down one-by-one by the alpha predators.

    Mr. Obama’s “chained CPI” for Social Security benefits, making them smaller while expenses rise is just a small example. If SocSec can’t quite be privatized, it can be nibbled to death.

    >>> “The chained CPI measures inflation differently in a way that takes into account the idea that people might change their spending patterns when prices for specific items rise.” <<<

    Less tuna, more cat food. Yum.

    War is a given, of course, and there has been no anti-war movement that mattered in 40 years. That is not a problem since the goal is to do our bombings in foreign lands. The Droner enlarged on the legacy of the Dubya and will, in turn, be exceeded by the Warrior Queen.

    Uruguay is looking more and more interesting.

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