What Is The Purpose Of Life?

Life has no purpose. It is just one of many phenomena in a self-entangling universe. There is no goal, only cycles of being and non-being. The human body is a colony of genes mindlessly cooperating in a collective blind urge to maintain their immortality, by drifting from conceptions to reproductions. The fibers of my being are braids of family history coiled into the chapters of the human epic. I am who am. Human consciousness is one little gear within the intricate mechanism of genetic transmission through time. The possession of consciousness by us, temporary organisms of human form, is a marvelous gift that emerged out of evolutionary randomness. If you want to think of your conscious human life as having an organic purpose, beyond that of serving as a conduit toward perpetuity for the genes you as an organism are a vehicle for, then that purpose can only be to enjoy your span of conscious life by fully developing your awareness and human potential, without being restricted by ignorance, fear, superstition, religion, and all archaic ideologies that seek to impose limitations on human thought and human social development. The purpose of life is to enjoy it independently as ecstatic freedom.

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