I Am The All, I Am Nothing

I Am The All, I Am Nothing

I am the peace of still water
in a granite fold of mountains
high up in the cool wild mists.
I am the combusting turbulence of dragon’s breath,
human passions erupting
in angry rebellion against injustice.
I am the fresh breath of life
wafting over a summer sea
to breeze across a warming hill, waving grasses,
and sink deep into earth’s luxuriant embrace
to seed for birth ripening fruits of love.
I am the hard cold solitude of ice
self-preserving against corrupting indolence,
and hard against the trampling mindless herds.
I am the midnight dawn of moonlight,
the mind’s awakening beyond the stars
to deep time’s calming vision.
I am the heat of summer sunshine
evaporating birthing dew from butterfly wings,
freeing my spirit to flutter among flowers of chance
and savor the nectar of experience.
I am the all, I am nothing:
the all of everything down to its subatomic particles,
its quantum fluctuations.
I am the all, I am nothing:
the all-everything by chance erupting from all-nothing,
just as you have.
And so we are linked
like individual ripples arising momentarily
from one great enduring ocean.

11 August 2017


Garden by the Sea
17 June 2017


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