Fuck Yeah!


Fuck Yeah!

Marijuana bong-filtered through Crème de Menthe
in a dead-of-night college dorm
and fucking to the ultimate orgasm
– a mutual orgasm, a shared high –
with a black-haired brown-eyed beauty
just as driven to the end of consciousness as me,
a writhing body-long muscle of humping lust desire
with a mouth to suck down all my knowing,
and big enfolding tits to smother love into me,
while The Doors blast “Light My Fire”
reverberating perfectly with our primordial love spasm,
the focal sourcepoint of the universe,
my soul melting through my dick in her cunt
clenched by her gut-teeth in a quivering conception
of the entire total All.
Fuck, yeah! We beat death,
however long we live after this,
even in the barren zombie America
of yesterday, today and tomorrow,
we beat death,
the death of the wasted lives you fools all live.
You can’t touch me, I’ve been there.
Love you, honey, forever,
we created the world
and none of them will ever know it.
We’ll meet again on the other side of time.

22 December 2017


3 thoughts on “Fuck Yeah!

  1. Don’t apologise for this breath of fresh air in the usual Xmas pollution. It rounds out the too stern portrait your readers might have of you. We’ve all had our Henry-Miller moments, but tend in our stale maturity to keep mum about them.

  2. Sex is an act.
    Love is a state of being.

    There is an endless array of acts
    one can perform in the state of love.

    Passion and enthusiasm are good things
    when applied to kind and creative acts.

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