The Nature of Sadness

“All jealousy is lack of love.”
All envy is lack of self-worth.

“Everyone has damage,” she said. And from all I have seen these many years, I know that is true. It is the source of our self-absorption, and the cause of our judging.

Deep down, I think that all my politics and all my moralizing come out of one simple idea — really a feeling — that: no person should ever have to live with desperation.

I think that all my socialism and all my schemes of social engineering come out of an intuitive response to that realization, simply that: human civilization should be a network of person-to-person interactions of appreciation and mutual help, with everything else being incidental.

Each of us should have our quiet, comfortable refuges of solitude, without ever being shunned into lonely abandonment.

Our civilization is very incomplete and wounded. It remains an idea orphaned by neglect. And that is the nature of sadness in our world.


2 thoughts on “The Nature of Sadness

  1. Didn’t some sage say that sadness was the beginning of wisdom? He should have, and then added that the joy that comes out of melancholy is the best kind.

    This wannabe sage says that if world events weigh too heavily, remember that it’s the indigestible that keeps the intestines on the qui vive.

    • I think it is a matter of degree. I don’t think the individual should be an outcast left alone to deal with overwhelming existential threats, like a Syrian civilian trying to survive murderous bombardments and gas attacks from their own government. But instead all are assured of being included in the social network that as a whole is always vigilant to respond to the great forces that can arise and threaten survival generally, like: droughts, hurricanes, floods, and the many ramifications of climate change, and also social problems like epidemics or unexpected economic collapses. So, I agree, there are always the indigestible, but acceptable (though not desirable) so long as they are faced as a serving to a group feast.

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