World War Infinity

Albert Einstein is often quoted as having said:

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Stan Goff writes:

“There won’t be a WW4.”

I say:

It’s a continuum of war, not a sequence of episodes of war. It’s a “streaming” of war, not a stasis of “peace” episodically punctuated by temporary eruptions of violence, called “wars.”

Numbering the “wars” simply means the intervals of “peace” are just well disguised wars by the clever perpetrators, and/or the antiwar and historian observers doing the numbering have failed to properly pay attention to what is actually happening during those “peaceful” intervals.

“Full spectrum dominance,” the military doctrine of the United States, means everything — from infant formula to nuclear bombs, and everything else in between — is “weaponized” all * the * time. It is all always WW∞.

The ‘end’ isn’t a point in the future, it is the streaming ‘now’ of thoughts passing through a cloud of amnesia to be transformed into bullets — both real and metaphorical, but all truly deadly — and which streaming presents itself, among other manifestations, as global warming climate change.

It is WW∞. We are WW∞. And Earth is fighting back, and will win.


1 thought on “World War Infinity

  1. I constantly hear people say “we need to save the planet”. The planet is not at risk, we as a species are. As humans we constantly live in the delusion that we are above nature; disconnected and dominant in our superiority. The truth is we are just as susceptible to the laws of nature that have created balance in the system for millennia. We have been measured time and again with chances to end the wars and our exploitation, in every sense of the word, of the world around us and of each other. We have been found lacking time and again. There will be no court of appeals when the sentence is passed, no battery powered car that will balance the harm we have done. The planet does not care about our survival. It has become obvious that we don’t seem to either

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