I used the image: “IASI CH4 zonal mean anomaly for 45° N – 60° N referred to 2015-2017” by Leonid Yurganov, of the methane concentration in the atmosphere in the northern temperate latitudes, from years 2010 to 2022

[“From my computer. Methane anomaly in moderate latitudes of the northern hemisphere for 0-4 km of elevation measured by two IASI/MetOp devices. The cause of the observed acceleration remains unknown.” — Leonid Yurganov, 11 March 2022],

as a proxy for the Average Global Temperature Anomaly (“global warming”). I scaled the section between 2012-2022 to be the same size as an image of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (“stock market”) during the same 10 year period, for a direct comparison. That comparison is shown in the composite image (Temperature Anomaly-DJIA 2012-2022).

The original images I used for this exercise are also shown so you can read the numerical scales and labels of each.

We all know that “capitalism equals global warming,” and the composite image here is just one possible visualization of that reality.

“Temperature” (CH4) anomaly versus the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 2012-2022

Below is an eleven point comparison of the DJIA with the annual CO2 concentration (ppm) multiplied by 52, so as to put the latter on the same scale as the DJIA values.

Obviously the DJIA rocketed up faster between 2012 and 2022 than the average CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, but clearly both went up. Notice the “COVID dip” in the DJIA in ~2020.

The lifetime of CO2 in the atmosphere is thousands of years, so the upward annual trend of its concentration is the result of a very broad temporally averaged accumulation.

Since the average lifetime of methane (CH4) in the atmosphere is about 12 years before it oxidizes to carbon dioxide and water, it seems a better indicator of the immediate trends and fluctuations of our globally warming fossil fueled capitalist economics.



  1. Manuel,

    Very interesting graphs. Are you considering elaborating more on this? It has the makings of an article that might be of interest to a publication like Monthly Review. It would have a wider audience that could find this useful.


    • Thank you. The graphs tell the whole story, more words are not really needed. I have written a great deal about “capitalism = global warming,” and you can find those articles on this blog; search for “climate change” and “global warming” and you will get a bunch. I recently wrote ‘The Power Pentagon, Redux’ which is another of my efforts to show the connection: fossil fuels –> capitalism –> militarism –> global warming. Also, Monthly Review, or anyone, is welcome to repost any of my articles here, with attribution and a link to the original blog page here.

  2. CH4 concentration at the surface, 2016-2018, is 1840-1850ppb
    CH4 concentration at 4-13km, 50-85°N, 2016-2018, is 1860-1880ppb

    1000ppb = 1ppm

    ABSOLUTE CH4 between 2016-2018 in above chart [at dark horizontal line] is ~1870ppb = ~1.87ppm

    CH4 concentration in 2022 is 1950±20ppb

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