Pins In Fermented Lemonade (an unpoetic poem)

Pins In Fermented Lemonade (an unpoetic poem)

Religion is a thinking disorder, a brain disease.

Capitalism is a sociopathic disorder, a soul disease.

The World Crisis is simultaneous epidemics of religion and capitalism.

Evolution has brought humanity to the point of being intelligent enough
to realize it is the cause of climate change,
but not intelligent enough
to change its behavior to prevent it.

There are only two ways to make money as an artist:
establish a personality cult
so your productions have a reliable paying audience,
or be a decorator
who panders to popular tastes.

An entertainer is a decorator of time
who distracts an audience from its normal boredom.

Most people are self-limiting,
and they resent help that criticizes those limits.
Most people are self-limiting,
and crave co-dependents comforting them in self-defeat.

Acquaintances value you to the extent you contribute to their entertainment
or ambitions.
Friends value you for who you are.
As time goes on:
you recognize more of your friends as acquaintances,
and fewer of your acquaintances as friends.
An old grouch can be a person conserving their energy and contentment
by driving off all acquaintances,
and holding onto one, maybe two, true friends
who sometimes are people.

26 August 2016