Hurricane Florence, 9-11 Climate Change Terrorism


Hurricane Florence, 9-11 Climate Change Terrorism

NEW 9-11 TERRORIST ATTACK!! Yes, it’s true! Today (11 September 2018), terrorists based in Washington D.C., and sponsored by the dinosaur bones mining, pumping and burning industries, have relaxed rules restricting methane emissions from mines and oil and gas wells (for privatized profits at socialized costs), which will result in enhanced hydrocarbon atmospheric pollution that will accelerate Global Warming.

AND JUST IN TIME! Because Hurricane Florence, currently a Category 4 hurricane (and possibly strengthening toward the maximum possible, Category 5) is barreling down on North Carolina (a good choice, they voted for Trump), and 1.5 MILLION people have been urged/ordered to evacuate from coastal areas.

Hurricane Florence is being amplified by Climate Change (Global Warming) because:

1) the sea level is now higher (by about 1 foot in the western Atlantic near the Carolinas) because of previous ice cap melting and runoff (and heat-induced expansion of seawater), so the “storm surge” (like an extra super duper high tide) flooding of coastal lowlands, swept in by the hurricane, will be more extensive (i.e. worse); and

2) because the ocean is warmer (by Global Warming) and thus has much more energy (heat) available to pump up wind speed/energy in hurricanes, and so they have more capacity to destroy structures and infrastructure (like telephone and power poles, and fallen power lines start fires; also to uproot trees, smash houses and lift off roofs); and

3) because Global Warming/Climate Change has altered the path of the Jet Stream —

the high-latitude, high-speed, high-altitude, west-to-east ring of wind current that normally pushes Atlantic hurricanes eastward back out into the Atlantic Ocean, away from the US East Coast —

(has altered the path of the Jet Stream) farther to the north, so it now DOES NOT push Atlantic hurricanes toward the east, away from the US East Coast. So Hurricane Florence will stall when it makes landfall, and dump humongous amounts of rain in the same spot (same localized region) of mainly North Carolina, which will cause huge inland flooding. This is exactly what happened last year (2017) with Hurricane Harvey over Houston, which resulted in the largest flooding event in US history.

We can expect fatalities of American citizens.


– all these coming effects of Hurricane Florence (and Hurricanes Helene and Isaac, right behind) were known to be inevitable, and

– since Global Warming/Climate Change is known to be the “natural” culprit (super-charging an already dangerous natural weather event), and

– since pollution by greenhouse gases is known (and has been known for over half a century) to be the human action producing the super-charged “natural culprit” of this approaching Climate-Weather Catastrophe, and

– since it is known that this human action has been committed by high U.S. government officials solely for the pecuniary advantage of the fossil fuels industries (who fund these pols’s kick-backs), and

– as it is known such action will directly harm — even kill — American citizens,

– then it is directly clear that said high U.S. government officials are committing premeditated murder (and at the very very minimum reckless endangerment including manslaughter).

This is all-out terrorism against millions of Americans on US soil.

The US War On Terror needs to focus all its forces on Washington D.C., and Wall Street, New York City (and its satellite corporate terrorist base camps, cash dumps and training centers lurking deep in the Uncle Sam Homeland), and capture and liberate that currently occupied — by neo-fascists — national capital city.

At this moment, murder charges could be filed in any state court against these still-at-large-criminals (hiding out in bought-elected federal and state offices) because of the direct linkage between their premeditated actions, their criminal intent to harm rather than protect American citizens (a direct violation of their oaths for government service, and their primary duty as members of American government: protecting the public) and the past and now impending and inevitable harm to be suffered by many members of the American public.

9-11 terror is here now, but on a continental scale, not just a citywide scale — with Hurricane Armageddon on the East Coast and Gulf Coast, Wildfire Armageddon west of the Great Plains, and more and bigger tornadoes inevitable for the Mississippi Watershed and Great Plains.

We are having our continent-wide mainland USA “Pearl Harbor” attack by Climate Change-amplified weather, which is state-sponsored terrorism that is caused directly by the fossil fuel industry-owned terrorist-capitalist network of Republican Party and corporatist Democratic Party pretenders and occupiers of U.S. Government (and states’ governments) Executive, Congressional and Judicial public offices.

This is treason, and demands a complete and thorough revolution.

Exhibit A (thanks to Norman T.):


More about the image at the top:


The eye of Hurricane Florence, photographed from the International Space Station (at 410km, 255 mile elevation), on 12 September 2018, by German astronaut Alexander Gerst.


See comments (below) for additional/later estimates (calculations by MG,Jr.).


A NOAA satellite image shows Hurricane Florence as it made landfall near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

This is how the world ends: will we soon see category 6 hurricanes?
16 September 2018

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  2. Using:

    8.3454 lb per US gallon of water

    2.2046 lb per kilogram,


    (75.173 x 10^12 kg H2O) x (2.2046 lb/kg)/(8.3454 lb/gallon-H2O) =

    (75.173 x 10^12) x (0.264169…) gallons H2O =

    19.8584125… x 10^12 gallons-H2O =

    ~20 trillion gallons H2O = ~20 thousand-billion gallons H2O.

    This is my estimated amount of water (available for rain) carried by Hurricane Florence.

  3. For a circular storm with:

    R = outer radius,

    r = radius parameter (0 < r < R),

    RF0 = maximum rainfall, located at the center (r = 0),

    a linear falloff of rainfall, RF(r), with respect to radius:

    RF(r/R) = RF0*(1 – r/R)
    RF(0) = RF0
    RF(R) = 0.

    The averaged rainfall (all the rain within pi*R^2 averaged to one depth) is:

    [Integral(over r/R, from 0 to 1) of RF(r/R)*pi*(r/R)*d(r/R)] / [pi*(1^2)] =

    (note pi cancels, top and bottom)

    (use x = r/R)

    RF0*[Integral(over x, from 0 to 1) of (1 – x)*x*dx] =

    RF0*[(1/2) – (1/3)] =



    RF0 = 60 inches, then the average over the entire area is 10 inches,
    RF0 = 54 inches, then the average over the entire area is 9 inches,
    RF0 = 48 inches, then the average over the entire area is 8 inches,
    RF0 = 42 inches, then the average over the entire area is 7 inches,
    RF0 = 36 inches, then the average over the entire area is 6 inches.

  4. With Hurricane Florence, Mother Nature kicked North Carolina in the pants for its Climate Change denial.

    Excerpt (from the article linked below):

    I do not wish hardship on anyone, but it is hard to ignore the irony in North Carolina’s intentional near-sightedness and climate change denial, in 2012 North Carolina legislators banned “the state from basing coastal policies on the latest scientific predictions of how much the sea level will rise.” Stephen Colbert’s mockery back then was well deserved, “If your science gives you a result you don’t like, pass a law saying the result is illegal. Problem solved…” but, in the coming days reminders of this willful ignorance will feel like salt in the wounds.

    Hurricane Trump, Season 2
    by Wim Laven
    17 September 2018

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