Soulless Wealth, Fearful Apartheid, Violent Ignorance

The United States of America is not a nation, it is a colony. America is a host ruled by its parasites.

Trumpism is power exercised by the dominant wealth and bigotry classes, to remain exactly as they are. The basis of Republican Party thinking is greed and bigotry. What Republicans call “conservatism” is a religion based on the worship of money and the fear of people.

The challenge for most American politicians today is to use the mechanics of a democratic republic, and the appearance of populist political activism, to maintain a plutocratic corporatist oligarchy while convincing the disempowered populace that they are the masters instead of the servants of the imposed system of upward wealth transfer.

Capitalism is a mass psychosis whose devotees are obsessed to keep, even at the cost of near-term human extinction. The extreme inequality possible under capitalism is its most appealing feature to its fully programmed cultists. The Free Market operates off enslaved people. The U.S. produces wealth by stealing labor, and by printing currency backed by military power.

The repressed oppress. Violence is carried out by ignorant people who feel powerless and want “respect.” Bigots craving respect hypocritically claim a morality compelled by religion. One of the most powerful arguments for being atheist is the hypocrisy of most believers. I detest bigots and bigotry regardless of the gender, language, race, color, creed and sexual orientation of the bigot.

It feels good to be kind. Why can’t everyone realize this?

Your children are like unguided missiles, you can launch them, but you have no idea where they will land. The frustration of the old is the unnecessary stupidification of the young. The frustration of the young is the intransigent resistance by the old to the modern conditioning youth has adapted to. The purpose of education in the U.S. is to indoctrinate status quo-supporting robot consumers, who patriotically sacrifice their individual lives to militarized operations for imperialism abroad and colonialism domestically: submission to capitalist authoritarianism.

People have their mental ruts and their mental boxes, which they can’t allow themselves to wander from. And it is the incompatible diversity of such inability that is the implacable dynamic of human doom.


3 thoughts on “Soulless Wealth, Fearful Apartheid, Violent Ignorance

  1. The problem is beyond resolution by voting. Voting, the Executive, the Congress, the Judiciary are all owned by corporations; and corporations are just the organized units – the militias – of capitalism. The only way to change “everything” is for “everybody” (which includes us) to change themselves: how they think of themselves (e.g., “entitled to suburban-type comfort ,” exceptional, exempt — or otherwise socially bound), how they behave and relate (e.g., low-carbon-footprint individual agent/citizens, or “consumers” of corporate output, and audience of continuous corporate-produced entertainment/social media). The catch is that an overwhelming majority of people have to “convert” to a new way of thinking about themselves and enacting that conception socially (similar to the Christian conversion of the Roman Empire), and then you would see vast differences in the types of people who are career advanced (and elected) and as a result the types of consensus policies that get enacted. None of that can happen now (and maybe ever) with the present Me!-Me!-Now!-Now! population. Just go driving during the madness of a Friday afternoon, in the desperate cut-you-off-at-the-pass mass swarm of SUV-tank bumper-car hysteria — which could be completely different with a uniform application of politeness, consideration and patience (in small energy-efficient vehicles) — and ask yourself: is it really possible to make a cooperative green-socialist low-carbon footprint world with these people, ever? Maybe the survivors of the nuclear war during the next petroleum-depleted Post-Desert World Ice Age will arrive at the happy conclusion that Green Democratic Socialism is right for them.

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