Dawn Fog In The Canyon


Dawn Fog In The Canyon

I am looking at the sun just rise over the crest of the ridge, and light pour through the fog into the canyon, making it glow as it flows up the streambed and through the trees along the hillsides, with blue sky above, and birds darting through the panorama framed by my vision, the warmth of the rays descending into my body as I face before it, immersed in a cloud of light, evaporating. A bird chirps. Mist rises. The ground of the forest lights up. Leaves emerge glistening green from their silhouettes. The voices of the forest call to each other, silence fades into the light of day. Rebirth. I am who am once again.



1 thought on “Dawn Fog In The Canyon

  1. Yes. This morning I stood looking out my kitchen window in the dim light of early dawn, watching the fog flow ever so slowly over and beyond a tiny floating island in the pond. Every minute, as the light increased, it was a new vision of beauty. We are so fortunate to live in such versions of paradise and to be able to appreciate them. Thanks, Manuel.

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