War, the Unending Theft


The following is my response to an old friend about his fear and disgust with the new Iran War fever being stirred up by the Trump Administration.


Why Does War Exist?

Attacking Iran Will Save The World (redux)
5 January 2020 (26 March 2012)


The war is “a great big noisy rather stupid game that doesn’t make any sense at all. None of us know what it’s all about or why. Here we are going at it hammer and tongs, and I bet you those fellows over there feel exactly the same way about it, the enemy… Then one day I suppose it will all end as suddenly as it began. We’ll go home till some other bunch of criminalated* sitting around a large table shoves us into another war and we go at it again… Do you remember my father used to be a professor of biology at Queen’s? He always used to say: man is a savage animal who periodically to relieve his nervous tension tries to destroy himself.”

— Errol Flynn’s monologue in the 1938 film “The Dawn Patrol.”
[* origin of word described at https://manuelgarciajr.com/2019/11/11/criminalated-warmongers/]



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3 thoughts on “War, the Unending Theft

  1. Irans response to the killing of General Soleimani was so weak it is pathetic. I bet not even on US soldier was killed. And even if one or two privates died that is still not an equivilant response at all.

    • It’s a shame anyone had to get killed in the first place. All that assassination/missile attack tit-for-tat does is delay for a long time the eventual negotiations that are the only route to a decent settlement of differences, based on a cooling of excessive ambitions. Why should more people have to kill and die to feed the greed and egos of the power-hungry?

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