My Excellent Independence Day Rant, 2017

John Kennedy’s grave, April 1964

My Excellent Independence Day Rant, 2017

Bigotry lets stupid people feel powerful. They are bigots because they are greedy, and they are greedy because they are fearful. They are fearful because they are hollow, and desperate for their materialism and worship of power to fill the void of their lack of character, to mask their internal weakness with an illusion of external power.

In American politics: bigotry is allowed to shape the arguments, and money is allowed to control the voting. Hillary Clinton had the most well-deserved electoral defeat in American history; Donald Trump, the most undeserved win. It’s not Trump’s fault, the preference for TV over books inoculates ignorance and bigotry against learning and knowledge.

The corporate-owned politicians lie because lying is the sound of theft. They are the agents of those who think: “The purpose of life is to enrich yourself without being impeded by the needs of others.” The news media propaganda industry is rich people paying rich people to tell middle class people to blame poor people, who middle class people are joining. The lie being pushed is that fulfillment is to be had in a system of economic apartheid without economic security and without personal freedom.

Suffer we must, for billionaires’ money lust depends on it. For consolation we can have: clueless comforting happy talk, or searing bitter bigotry, unless we choose better.

In systems of patronage capitalism it is necessary to sell out your integrity and moral character in order to advance a financially rewarded career. You have to go along to get along. It’s like the perpetuating of physical-sexual abuse through the generations: as a child (or young worker starting out) you are abused by your seniors who demand you loyally cover their asses and slavishly submit to their demands – you cannot be impeded by moral principles or self-respect; as a rising star you find even bigger abusive tyrants to follow while recruiting your own ass-kissing minions to expand your power base; and finally as (and if) a successful pharaonic mega-abuser yourself you get to beat up multitudes, remotely, by using your army of slave-drivers and aspiring tyrants. The seed of all this is weak character, the lack of courage and/or strength to maintain personal integrity regardless of the costs in terms of comfort, money, social position, recognition, and acceptance by the herd.

Q: “Why spend $600B a year on a military to protect us if you Trumpsters and Corp-pols are willing to let us die of treatable diseases and ailments?”

A: You miss the point. The purpose of the US military is to protect Big Capital (corporate assets and operations, and plutocrats’ take), not the public. Also, the economic policy of the U.S. (i.e., the corporate-owned government and economy) is militarism: the big insiders’ war machine / finance capital profit cycle. “The people” are just an excess labor mass from which to extract wealth, and on which to dump the toxic wastes and financial costs (“socialized losses”) of exploiting and privatizing the commons. The graveyards of our war dead are garbage dumps for capitalist expansion. The U.S. is neither united nor a nation, it is a colony. “We the people” are expendable commodities steadily being programmed for slavery. The American Dream: commercializing life and death, and cornering the market.

America has a capitalist system whose foreign policy is imperialism, domestic policy is colonialism, economic policy is militarism, and management policy is patronism.


6 thoughts on “My Excellent Independence Day Rant, 2017

  1. E-mail comment sent by R. Gaylor:

    … Dissident Voice was well said.

    I could not agree more. I could add some anecdotal drivel, but to what
    purpose. Your phrase: “capitalism … is … to sell out your integrity
    and moral character in order to advance a financially rewarded career”
    ought to be embossed on every babies forehead in order to remind us what
    we are truly about.

    The empire needs a resistance – but there doesn’t seem to be anyone
    willing to learn how to use a light-saber to put Darth Vader in his place.
    Maybe Putin, but the mess instigated by Clinton-Lite (aka Trump) seems to
    be getting close to a boiling point. It would be ironic if the shit hit
    the fan on my birthday (the 3rd) or the alleged birthday of the evil
    empire in which we reside.

    As a historian, ABD, I spent my career attempting to pound reality into
    the heads of youth. If Socrates were alive today he’d probably opt to skip
    the Stoa and head straight for the poison.

    “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has
    never yet melted.” D. H. Lawrence
    ”The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own
    government.” ML King, April 4, 1967

  2. Perfect !

    How about a column about how the Defense Department used to be The Department of War. (yeah, it was till shortly after WW 2 in case you’re too young to remember)…..

    Let’s change it back to The Department of War. (you could go ape shit on that one)

    Why not “It’s as ALL American as Mom, apple pie, torture and baseball ?

    Or ? Ike would call it The Military-Industrial-Israeli Complex now ?

    The last one too scary?

    Then damn sure don’t dare try calling them Squatters instead of Settlers ?

    Happy Fourth…. Oklahoma farmer….


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