Einstein-Hawking-Pi Day #1

March 14 is given the name “Pi Day” by many mathematics enthusiasts because the numerical calendar label “3/14,” for the month (March) then day (the 14th), coincides with the first three digits of the irrational number Pi, 3.14159…

I have called today, the 14th of March, 2018, “Einstein-Hawking-Pi Day #1” because it is the first instance of the triple ‘resonance’ of: an anniversary of Albert Einstein’s birthday, the actual date of Stephen Hawking’s death, and a Pi Day.

I commemorated the day by taking photographs of living eternity, that is to say eternal (so far as we are concerned) principles expressing themselves in radiant instants of life-giving beauty.

I added 10 of these photos (at maximum resolution) to my Flickr site, for display. They are the first ten scenics “from top down” at the following webpage. You can view them, and get technical details there.

MG,Jr. Photostream



Photos by MG,Jr. at Flickr

I have begun posting my photos online at Flickr. These photos appear serially as a chronological “photostream” in one page of my photo blog at Flickr. However, I like them best grouped into albums, and the link shown at the bottom takes you directly to my album-listing webpage at Flickr (you can get to my “photostream,” “favorites” and other Flickr pages from there). Once an album is selected and open, click the slideshow button (arrow in upper right) for nice full-screen viewing at a good pace.

Flickr is another social media website, like WordPress, YouTube and Facebook, so I leave it to you to wrestle with the navigation there. I decided to post my photos at Flickr because it allows for public access viewing (anonymity for you) and because it functions quite well (and is very popular with photographers).

Finally, Flickr has informed me that my photos (and presence) at Flickr are considered “safe,” which is to say there are no nude women (or men), no: cruelty, disgust, repulsion or sex (well). I rant and rave often enough in my writings, but in my photography I seek engaging color and action, a sunny sense of enjoyment, a sense of tranquility, and a satisfying appreciation of reality. I enjoy taking photos.

Manuel Garcia, Jr. (“juanfulanogarcia”) at Flickr