Lágrimas Negras — Español-English

Lágrimas Negras
[Trio Matamoros, 1929]

Aunque tú
me has dejado en el abandono,
aunque tú
has muerto todas mis ilusiones,
en vez de maldecirte
con justo encono,
en mis sueños te colmo,
en mis sueños te colmo
de bendiciones.

Sufro la inmensa pena de tu extravío,
siento el dolor profundo
de tu partida
y lloro sin que sepas
que el llanto mío
tiene lágrimas negras,
tiene lágrimas negras
como mi vida.

Tú me quieres dejar,
yo no quiero sufrir
contigo me voy mi santa
aunque me cueste morir.
(3X con dos intermedios cortos)

Black Tears
(a © translation of “Lágrimas Negras”)

Although you
have left me desolate with your abandon,
although you
have been death to my every illusion
instead of cursing you now
with justified rancor,
in my dreams I enshrine you,
in my dreams I enshrine you
with benediction.

Immensity of pain I suffer over losing you,
my feelings so profoundly hurt
torn by your parting.
I cry without your knowing
and that lonely crying
weeps out a stream of black tears,
weeps out a stream of black tears
and all my living.

You want leaving me
I can’t suffering be
so with you I go my darling
even it costs me dying.
(3X with 2 short breaks)

[It is impossible for me to match the poetry of the Spanish original in an English translation. Let me know if you perform “Black Tears” successfully.]

Trio Matamoros
(the original from 1931, classic, precious)


another posting of the 1931 recording;

Los Guaracheros del Oriente
(classic roots music, 2007, [get past the ad])

Compay Segundo
(old guys doing it lush and making it their own, not long before 2003)

“Cuba Feliz”
(street music in Cuba, 2000, with Miguel Del Morales)

Lágrimas Negras – Raquel Zozaya (2010)
[Bolero Son nace en 1929 con Lágrimas Negras; un poco de historia explicado aqui. Bolero Son is born in 1929 with Lágrimas Negras; some history explained here.]

Javier García (2002)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iC7Ic34EFfo (Javier’s posting, with a cute video)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H33uaBouyU (has richer sound; & picture, no video)
[A very “young” and modern “songo” (like “rock” + “son”) version, hip; has Arturo Sandoval on trumpet. Good songs go on forever!] (García: no relation)

Cover Estereo Son (2012)
[Four young musicians (in Colombia?); both very svelte and very full playing and singing from an economical ensemble: singer, piano, bass, percussion.]


No Regrets On Libya

Non-interventionists who regret the outcome of the Libyan Civil War continue to seek some type of moral consolation for their support of Muammar Gaddafi’s dictatorship by trying to shame the supporters of the UN-NATO intervention (on the side of the Libyan rebels) by posting editorials of complaint about the Libyan Civil War’s aftermath of political unruliness and frequent lawlessness.

My article is a response to those regrets and complaints. This article is not intended to convince anyone to change their opinion on the Libyan Civil War, since that is impossible. It merely states what I think. The article was written on October 14, and submitted for publication the same day.

No Regrets On Libya
4 November 2013