“Kindness is how love speaks”

Sergio Romero is a young engineering student at an Ivy League university where he is trying to find a girlfriend, for love and sex, in the Spring of 1969 before he is drafted into the US Army to fight in the Vietnam War. Can he evade the military draft at the height of the war to pursue his career goals and to find a woman he can share love with, without missing out on both and having his young life cut short? This is a story of young people bursting into adulthood at a pivotal time of great uncertainty and creativity, filled with beauty, tragedy and promise, and it is a story of friendship.

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A Woman’s Voice From Palestine Stirred Me

Yesterday (28 September 2018) Nadia Harhash subscribed to my blog. So, I looked into her blog to find out who “Nadia Harhash” is. I found out she is a woman (obviously), Palestinian, a scholar, a mother of four children, a Muslim, a divorcée, and oppressed, suppressed and persecuted for each of her physical, intellectual, political and social attributes.

Her story (a documentary, not a novel) resonated with my still fresh indignation over the oppression, suppression and persecution of women in the United States, as vividly exposed in the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearings (on 27 September 2018) on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, which hearing included the explosive, courageous, inspiring and maddening testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, of the attempted rape perpetrated on her by Brett Kavanaugh 36 years ago.

The Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee and Republican-controlled Congress are in a big hot hurry to confirm Kavanaugh’s nomination, because they want his bought-and-paid-for judicial activism at the pinnacle of the US judicial system, to continue and advance the domination of American life by corporate power, rather than popular democracy; and they want his devotion to the cause of white supremacy to continue the Trump Administration’s strident reactionary efforts to reverse the continuing demographic dilution of the “white race” (and the fundamentalist Christian cult) in America (which dilution I just wrote about, at https://manuelgarciajr.com/2018/09/26/the-changing-american-population-1610-2010/).

So, I have put together this collection of new comments and older articles, for the benefit of Nadia Harhash. I don’t know if she will agree with all I say here, in the totality of the texts cited, or even if she will agree with any of it! Regardless, here it is.

Living In The Shoes Of A Woman is Nadia Harhash’s own searing story about her struggle for personal freedom. For me, it is a cry of universal urgency from the Female Voice Of The Earth.

Living In The Shoes Of A Woman

Nadia Harhash

The following items are my own, and are for the possible benefit of Nadia Harhash, as mentioned above (they almost all include some degree of mention of Palestine).

I wrote (on 28 September 2017) the paragraph that will follow, after seeing this short news story:

48% Of White Evangelicals Would Support Kavanaugh Even If He Sexually Assaulted Ford

Evangelical Christianity is a cult of fear, and for its men also a cult of patriarchy. Politically, it is irrational Republicanism; socially, it is white supremacy and the subjugation of women. Why do such Republican women remain Republican? Because their bigotry, which is fear, is so embedded that it overpowers their self-respect, which is courage. Evangelical Christianity sees Islam as its reflection and its rival, which is why it hates Islam.
— (written 28 September 2018, before I was aware of Nadia Harhash)

Six older items in reverse chronological order; the last one is sweet:

Kill For Peace, Bomb For Justice, Behead For Nookie
15 April 2018
[includes a map of the Levant]
16 April 2018
[the publication of my essay at Counterpunch.org]

Zionism’s Palestinian Problem, and Ours
8 April 2018
[includes the web-link to the Mehdi Hasan article that prompted my essay]
9 April 2018
[the publication of my essay at Counterpunch.org]

Explaining ISIS Terrorism to an American Teenager
19 November 2015

No Regrets On Libya
4 November 2013

Attacking Iran Will Save The World
26 March 2012

Palestine’s Gift Of Christmas
22 December 2015
[a slightly edited improved version with added music video]
22 December 2009
[the originally published version]

To Nadia Harhash: I sincerely hope the rest of your life unfolds with beauty, fulfillment and peace.



National Character & Old Gals for Empire

The Character of a Nation

The lower the moral and intellectual development of the masses, the less effective are democratic processes for solving national problems, improving the lives of people, and making wise use of national resources.

Elites can only control and exploit a people who have allowed themselves to become culturally primitive, socially degraded and disunited.

The fate of a nation is set by the character of its people.




Old Gals Just Want To Have Fun (with Hillary’s Bill)

The easiest way to destroy a man’s career today is to accuse him of being nasty to the ladies. However, this is only true for abusers of women who are unpopular with women, like Donald Trump. Abusers of women who are popular with women, as John Kennedy was and Bill Clinton remains, are immune from such censure. A majority of American women retain favorable opinions of Bill Clinton, and many thousands would be delighted to flop on their backs and spread their legs for his enjoyment, despite him being a narcissistic sexist clod.

This masochistic devotional fervor is all to the benefit of Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions. She is America’s Livia Drusilla who aspires to be America’s Margaret Thatcher, and now seems likely to gain the White House to become America’s most successful influence peddler, much to the delight of the Wall Street banksters by whom she is bought and paid for. Hillary Clinton is cashing in on the yearnings of a majority of America’s older female voters, for compulsory celebratory recognition.

This is the popular force that is overwhelming any concern over climate change, nuclear war with Russia, securing fair and just futures for America’s youth, and stopping the “genocide by indifference” [1] that accompanies American foreign policy and imperialism. Such is the force of American middle-aged female vanity longing for adoration.

So, screw the kids and their desires for worthy futures in Bernie’s revolutionary social democracy; screw the brown people in foreign lands getting bombed to support American weapons sales; screw the dumped American labor force whose jobs are offshored and whose housing unaffordable in order to fatten the Wall Street take; screw the future desperate patients of Veterans Administration hospitals, who will have absorbed the incoming from America’s wars-of-tomorrow; and screw everybody who is going to get burned out or washed away by climate change, necessary to fill the corporate treasure chests.

For too much of the older double-X portion of the electorate, the self-image paragon to be deified is Hillary Clinton, along with her co-enabling super-predator Bill Clinton, barking and humping at the end of a long leash. Everybody else, worldwide, will just have to suck it up and bow down to the old girls’ triumph in becoming vicariously powerful; it’s their turn to come out on top. Nothing else matters.

[1] Robert Pearsall.